Free Bible Reading Plan

January 3, 2019

Bible Reading Plan

Grace & Truth _ Bible Reading Schedule from Grace & Truth Books, written by Dennis Gundersen.


This Bible reading plan is designed with several original and unique features:


  • Rather than work consecutively through the entire Bible, start to finish, this schedule mingles readings in both Old and New Testaments at all times, providing daily time in each Testament.
  • It takes the reader through the Old Testament once/year, the Psalms twice/year, but the New Testament four times/year.  This is purposeful: to give a Christian a richer acquaintance with the gospels and letters written for believers, since the coming of Christ.  We who believe are members of  the New Covenant!  We ought to be frequently reading through the books of the New Covenant.
  • Almost every day, this schedule keeps the reader in one of the four gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke or  John).  This is based on the conviction that constant exposure to the teachings of our Lord Jesus is vital to spiritual health.
  • The schedule’s pace slows down during the summer months, and in December as well, to make allowance for heavier demands on families and travel schedules.  It also includes “catch-up” days, in the event that you slip behind.  The “catch-up” dates are frequently arranged in connection with holidays and other busy times.
  • The Old Testament contains 929 chapters.  So, the reader is taken through the entire Old Testament in a year, merely by reading 2-3 chapters daily.
  • The New Testament contains 260 chapters.  So, the reader is taken through the entire New Testament, four times in a year! – by reading an average of 3 chapters daily.
  • Note: the Psalms and Prophets columns are dominantly devoted to those categories, 90% of the time.  But both of those categories include rare but brief departures from Psalms and Prophets, in  order to make the schedule workable.
  • You may notice the final column for Proverbs is blank.  Since most months are either 30 or 31 days, simply read the chapter corresponding to that day.