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Withhold Not Correction Grace and Truth Books
  • ISBN: 978-087552-4009
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Page Count: 160
  • Publisher: P & R Publishing

Withhold Not Correction (Bruce Ray)

$9.99 $8.50

It is the biblical command in Proverbs 23:13 that the author of this straightforward book holds up as a guide for all parents who experience doubt and indecision in their roles as disciplinarians. The advice in this helpful guide, in contrast with modern psychology, points the way to strict parental discipline and Christian child rearing.

The duties related to Christian parenting are clearly outlined and always presented from a scriptural viewpoint. Each of the thirteen chapters in this practical book contains “review” and “response” questions, making it an ideal tool for either group study or personal development. For anyone interested in Christian parenting and child rearing, this book is a must.



Withhold Not Correction

In today’s society, where parental authority is being compromised more than ever, this Proverbs 23:13 command may seem nearly impossible to obey. The line between discipline and abuse has been blurred and now appears ready to vanish.

As both father and pastor, Bruce A. Ray understands the difficulties facing modern parents, and he points to firm, biblical discipline as the solution. In this practical guide, Ray offers direction to all parents who struggle with doubt or indecision in their roles as God-ordained disciplinarians. With timely and inspiring wisdom, Ray exposes the emptiness of contemporary advice and clearly outlines from Scripture the duties of every Christian parent.

When I first read Standing on the Promises by Doug Wilson, my reaction was “This is great! Why didn’t anyone ever tell me these things?”  But when my wife Debbie first read the book, her reaction was “This is great! But how?”  Since it focuses on establishing the biblical principles for child training, and emphasizing that those principles must be applied intelligently in particular situations, Standing on the Promises is deliberately short on practical guidelines.

Not to worry. You’ll find Bruce Ray’s book Withhold Not Correction to be a valuable supplement to Standing on the Promises precisely because of its emphasis on the practical application of biblical principles in training up a child. As the writer considers each issue in turn, he shows through real-life situations how the relevant principles can be applied consistently and effectively.

An Example from Withhold Not Correction:

One example: Ray establishes that it is good and proper when disciplining a child to review the portion of God’s law (usually found in Proverbs) which has been violated. Not only does he provide an excellent appendix in which verses from Proverbs and other relevant scripture references have been categorized by type of infraction, he recommends that these verses be given high priority in the child’s Bible memory work, so that when discipline is necessary the child himself will be able to cite the verse he has transgressed.

About the Author

Bruce A. Ray (BA, The Master’s College; MDiv, Philadelphia Theological Seminary) is senior pastor of Juanita Community Church in Kirkland, Washington, and author of Celebrating the Sabbath.


Foreword by Jay Adams

  1. Knowing our Children
  2. The Biblical Necessity for Correction
  3. The Biblical Motives for Correction
  4. God’s Authority in Discipline
  5. The Place of Prayer
  6. Love and the Rod
  7. The Rod and Reproof
  8. Discipline by Measure
  9. Correction Within Reason
  10. Persevering Consistency
  11. Partners in Management
  12. Children in the Congregation
  13. An Honest Confession


  1. Evangelizing Children
  2. The Rod and Correction
  3. Parents’ Topical Reference