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  • ISBN: 978-1596381407
  • Binding: Hardcover with jacket
  • Page Count: 240
  • Publisher: P R Publishing

The Incarnation in the Gospels

  • Author: Daniel Doriani, Philip Ryken, Richard Phillips

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A commentary solely on the Birth of our Lord Jesus Christ! Focused on the passages in the Gospels: of Matthew, Luke, and John about our Savior’s birth – under the headings of:
Matthew: The Hope of Israel
Luke: Songs for the Savior

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A commentary expounding each of the New Testament passages in the gospels on the birth of our Lord Jesus Christ. Matthew, Luke, and John each made unique observations about our Savior’s birth – under the headings of:
Matthew: The Hope of Israel
Luke: Songs for the Savior
John: The Coming of the Light

The authors are reliable in their understanding of the Scriptures and all write in a fascinating and scholarly style. A great help for that pastor who wishes to prepare a sermon series on the birth of Christ, and to any believer who wants to distinguish real biblical teaching from all the Christmas fluff.

“Here is exposition modeled by pastors with scholarly gifts and scholars with pastor’s hearts. Exegetical and theological reliability, redemptive historical sensitivity, a Christ-centered focus, and contemporary practical application – these are the promised hallmarks. May it serve as a model to encourage and enthuse a new generation to love the Word of God and to rediscover the life-transforming power of expository preaching!” — Sinclair Ferguson, Senior Pastor, First Presbyterian Church, Columbia, SC


~ Essays and reflections on gospel-centered worship and Christmas customs

~ A sample Christmas Eve service of lessons and carols

~ Five new Christmas carols composed by Paul S. Jones, James Mongomery Boice, Eric J. Alexander, Derek W.H. Thomas, and Philip Graham Ryken

~ Suggestions for Advent services, including prayers, Scripture readings, and hymns

~ A list of additional resources for planning Advent worship, including full worship services, devotional guides, hymns, and more