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  • ISBN: 9781-84550-0733
  • Binding: Hardcover
  • Page Count: 511
  • Publisher: Christian Focus Publications

The Baptists, Volume 2: Key People – Beginnings in America (Tom Nettles)

  • Author: Tom Nettles

$29.99 $23.75

The long-awaited 2nd volume of Nettles on the Baptists of history. What exactly constitutes a Baptist? Prof. Nettles sought to answer this question in volume 1, through a look at the lives of key Baptists in Britain. Volume 2 now tells the story of Baptis



Volume 2: Beginnings in America
The story of Baptist beginnings and development in America. The pioneer spirit combined with the movement of the Spirit of God in the First Great Awakening produced massive growth among Baptists in New England, the Middle Colonies, particularly in the south, and ultimately in missionary work around the world. Also researches the inspirational contributions of women like Lottie Moon and Ann Judson in the growth of the Baptist church.

“Careful research, clarity of thought, and inspirational quality are evident throughout, and these qualities commend the book as a great blessing to readers in the 21st century, nearing the precise date of 400 years of Baptist heritage.”
— C. Berry Driver Jr., Dean of Libraries, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary