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  • ISBN: 9781-84550-0733
  • Binding: Hardcover
  • Page Count: 511
  • Publisher: Christian Focus Publications

The Baptists, Volume 2: Key People – Beginnings in America (Tom Nettles)

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The long-awaited 2nd volume of Nettles on the Baptists of history. What exactly constitutes a Baptist? Prof. Nettles sought to answer this question in volume 1, through a look at the lives of key Baptists in Britain. Volume 2 now tells the story of Baptis



The Baptists, Volume 2

Beginnings in America

The nature of Baptist Identity has come to a place of critical importance in Baptist Studies. What exactly constitutes a Baptist? In Volume 1, Professor Nettles sought to answer this question through examining the lives of some of the most high profile Baptists, looking at the origins of the Baptist Church in Britain.

Here, Volume 2 tells the story of Baptist beginnings in America, and looks at the inspirational contributions of those such as Lottie Moon and Ann Judson in the growth of the Baptist Church. They shared the views of their English brethren, and were able to be instrumental in the new world in the achievement of separation of church and state.

The pioneer spirit combined with the movement of God’s Spirit in the first Great Awakening to produce massive growth of Baptists in New England, the Middle Colonies particularly the South and indeed around the world.

In this delightful second volume Nettles has picked up where he left of, with another hugely informative and authoritative work, which cements his standing as a groundbreaking pioneer in Baptist history.


“In this volume Dr. Nettles moves his readers from Baptists’ beginnings in Great Britain to those critical areas of development in Baptist identity: religious liberty, separation between church and state, American Baptist confessional heritage, dynamics of Baptist church government, associational organization, and foreign missions issues. Careful research, clarity of thought, and inspirational quality are evident throughout, and these qualities commend The Baptists as a great blessing to readers in the 21st-century.The wide range Baptist personages, fidelity to historical detail, and warmth of piety, should make this work the definitive choice by readers who seek an accurate and inspiring knowledge of those who contributed so significantly to the Baptist heritage. By the grace of God and for the glory of Christ, may it receive the welcome reception that it deserves among a wide range of readers.” — — C. Berry Driver Jr., Dean of Libraries, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

“While Dr. Nettles’ first volume covered ground fairly familiar to educated and historically-minded British Baptists, his second volume covers ground that is less well-known in Britain. Dr. Nettles is to be congratulated for putting this enthralling history in an accessible form for British readers. The reader will find many characters who are totally unknown in the UK, and a rich Baptist heritage going back far before modern revivalistic fundamentalism. A great read.”  — G. N. Charmley, Norfolk