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The Baptists Grace and Truth Books
  • ISBN: 9781-84550-2119x
  • Binding: Hardcover 3-volume Set
  • Page Count: 1368
  • Publisher: Christian Focus Publications

The Baptists: 3-Volume Set (Tom Nettles)

$90.00 $64.00

Complete 3-volume set of Tom Nettles’ trilogy on Baptist history. A comprehensive work!

Vol 1: Beginnings in Britain

Vol 2: Beginnings in American

Vol 3: The Modern Era

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The Baptists

Three Volume set from Dr. Thomas Nettles

Vol 1: The Baptists: Beginnings in Britain

The nature of Baptist identity has come to a place of critical importance in church history studies. What exactly constitutes a Baptist? Tom Nettles seeks to answer this fascinating question through examining the lives of some of the most high profile and influential Baptists in history.

A chapter is devoted to each of the following lives: John Spilsbury, William Carey, William Kiffin, Hanserd Knollys, Benjamin Keach, John Gill, Andrew Fuller, John Smyth, Thomas Grantham, Dan Taylor. Also brief profiles of many others.

Professor Nettles, a true scholar in our generation, has produced a set that is wonderfully informative and, through its profiles of God-honoring historical figures, should serve us encouragement to all Christians today. See details on the other volumes in the set, below.

Volume 2: Beginnings in America

The story of Baptist beginnings and development in America. The pioneer spirit combined with the movement of the Spirit of God in the First Great Awakening produced massive growth among Baptists in New England, the Middle Colonies, particularly in the south, and ultimately in missionary work around the world. Also researches the inspirational contributions of women like Lottie Moon and Ann Judson in the growth of the Baptist church.

Volume 3: The Modern Era

In the final volume of Tom Nettles’ Trilogy on the Baptists, he traces some of the modern movements and key personalities who have shaped our contemporary Baptist churches. Professor Nettles looks at the downgrade in the British Church through the lenses of C.H. Spurgeon and John Clifford and the decline in America, looking at the influences of A. H. Strong, E. Y. Mullins, and the Baptist Modernists. Key outcomes are explored that inevitably grow out of Baptist theology (separation of church and state, for instance).