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Ten Boys Who Made a Difference book cover
  • ISBN: 9781-85792-7757
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Page Count: 158
  • Publisher: Christian Focus Publications

Ten Boys Who Made a Difference

$8.99 $6.75

Ten Boys Who Made a Difference includes the life stories of:
* Augustine
* John Knox
* Martin Luther
* John Calvin
* Jan Hus
* Hugh Latimer
* Ulrich Zwingli
* William Tyndale
* Thomas Chalmers
* Lord Shaftesbury



Ten Boys Who Made a Difference

Would you like to make a big difference in the world with your life? These ten boys aimed to do that, too. John Knox courageously challenged his nation with the Word of God; Augustine discovered God’s love and equipped us to think better; Luther took the truth to ordinary people.

Calvin showed that salvation was a gift of God and not based on what we do; Tyndale got the Bible printed in English so everyone would understand; Latimer urged people to read the Bible for themselves and made a lot of enemies by doing so; Hus taught that God is in charge of the church and the world; Chalmers called the church to show Jesus’ compassion to the poor.  Zwingli challenged people to obey God’s word in every area of their lives; Shaftesbury pushed the church into making Christ’s love a living reality for everyone

Another of the books in the Ten Boys series, with fascinating short biographical sketches of 10 more boys who grew up to become men of significance in the Christian church and the world. Study questions to think through are also included in all of these volumes too.

Recommended Reading Level

Read to me: Ages 7-8

Read on my own: Ages 9-12

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You can also get all the volumes together, in one Lightkeepers Boxed Set  – which means you’ll have 50 biographies of famous boys!  It can be seen pictured below.

And author Irene Howat has a matching set of books by the same titles for girls!   See the Ten Girls Series, or in its set of 50 known as the Lightkeepers Girls Box Set.