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  • ISBN: 9781-9360-86597
  • Binding: Vols 1-4 Hardcover, Vols 5-6 Paperback
  • Page Count: 572 total
  • Publisher: Rising Star Publications

Tales of the RAF (Royal Air Force) – 6 volume set (Don Patterson)

  • Author: Don Patterson

$79.00 $39.00

Includes volumes by these titles:

Book 1: Scramble! – A Story of Friendship
Book 2: Fighter Escort – A Story of Responsibility
Book 3: Spitfire! – A Story of Wisdom
Book 4: Dawson’s Down! – A Story of Sacrifice
Book 5: Night Mission – A Story of Loyalty  (paperback only)
Book 6: The New Kid – A Story of Patience  (paperback only)

Twelve year old Harry Winslow is growing up in the English countryside of Hampton County – when his quiet life is interrupted by the World War! His father is sent to London and a Royal Air Force fighter squadron has been stationed in the fields next to the Winslow farm.

Amazed by the pilots and planes, Harry has found a special group of friends who are now very important to him. Recently, the pilots have uncovered a mystery at Hampton, but solving it will have to wait until after they have “scrambled” their squadron to protect London.

Join Harry on the airfield when the thundering fighter planes soar to intercept the enemy. Through sheer determination, the brave RAF pilots have made it impossible for the German Luftwaffe to gain an edge in the air above England. These are ordinary men, who do extraordinary deeds — the kinds of deeds that make men heroes!