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  • ISBN: 9780-61544-5755
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Page Count: 216
  • Publisher: Joyful Momma Publishing

Quiet Times in Loud Households (Kimberly Eddy)

  • Author: Kimberly Eddy

$15.95 $11.50

Embracing a Devotional Life and Passing it on

Author Kimberly Eddy writes:
“As a new mom, I spent a lot of time stressing out over how to raise my children for Christ. I wanted kids who loved God with everything in them.

In 17 years of mothering my five children, I’ve come to realize that God wants us, as parents, to stay on our knees in prayer, crying out for wisdom and grace for each days’ tasks. He wants us to view each of our children as the unique individuals He created them to be.

We can’t just raise our children in our flesh. He doesn’t want us putting our confidence in some parenting author’s methodology instead of seeking Him for daily wisdom, grace, and strength.

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Parenting trends come and go. Standards vary from household to household and church to church. Our child-rearing cannot be only about rearing children that outwardly comply to a set of man-made behavioral constraints, but rather rearing children who walk with the Lord and seek Him for wisdom. That starts with parents who are doing so.”

“Mothers need time with Jesus. They cannot do it without Him. Yet all too often, in the midst of mothering, they can’t find time to spend with Him. The answer is here in Quiet Times in Loud Households. This book has the power to change lives. Not just the lives of stay-at-home mothers, but anyone who struggles with finding personal time with Jesus.”  — Penny Raine