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Profiles of Valor Grace and Truth Books
  • ISBN: 978-097776-8592
  • Binding: Hardcover
  • Page Count: 352
  • Publisher: The Learning Parent

Profiles of Valor: Character Studies from the War of Independence (Marilyn Boyer)

$29.95 $24.50

Throughout America’s history, young people have been entertained and challenged by the stories of heroes from the past. Kids love the stories of great men and women from history and they want to be like them. Now, Profiles of Valor brings to life 40 fascinating characters from America’s War of Independence.

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Profiles of Valor

Character Studies from the War of Independence

Your children will love these exciting true stories. And they’ll be inspired to strive for the character qualities they illustrate. They’ll see greatness exemplified by these men and women, among others:

  • Reverend James Caldwell, “The Fighting Chaplain”, who sent bullets and Scripture flying toward charging British soldiers when he supplied copies of Watts’ Hymnal to his men for rifle wadding, shouting “Give ’em Watts, boys! Give ’em Watts!”
  • Nancy Strong, the patriot spy who got information about British military strategy. She signaled it to Gen. Washington’s spies by hanging various colored petticoats on her clothesline
  • Colonel Henry Knox, who liberated Boston
  • The notable humility of General George Washington

Also stories of Ethan Allen, Olive Wolcott, Martha Washington, James Madison, Alexis de Tocqueville, John Hart, Rev. Lemuel Haynes, and 30 more!

Throughout America’s history, young people have been entertained and challenged by stories of heroes of the past. They love to read of the great men and women and want to be like them.  Teach your children character by showing them lives of valor!  In Profiles of Valor, parents and children alike will thrill to these true stories of human greatness- and learn great character lessons at the same time.

About the Author

Marilyn Boyer and her husband Rick are true pioneers of homeschooling. Beginning in 1980, Marilyn has taught all of her 14 children from kindergarten through high school. Her passion for putting Christian character at the top of her educational priorities resulted in the creation of the Character Concepts Curriculum. Marilyn has authored several books including Parenting from the Heart, Hand-on Character Building, and For You They Signed, which inspires children and adults alike by learning of the character of our founders. Her combination of compassion, godly wisdom, and rich insight into the hearts of children has made her a cherished resource for moms all across America.

See also the companion volume Portraits of Integrity: Real People who Demonstrated Godly Character.