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Practical Demonology Grace and Truth Books
  • ISBN: 978-4900748019
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Page Count: 184
  • Publisher: Grace and Truth Books

Practical Demonology: Tactics for Demon Warfare (Conrad Murrell)

$8.95 $5.00

A fascinating, sane, and informative book on the issues related to dealing with demonic powers, written by a seasoned pastor with over 40 years of ministry experience.



Practical Demonology

Tactics for Demon Warfare

A fascinating, sane, and informative book on the issues related to dealing with demonic powers, written by a seasoned pastor with over 40 years of ministry experience.


“Lucid in style and well-balanced in presentation, the author brings over four decades of practical wisdom and first hand experience in the realm of gospel ministry and demonic conflict, to his readers. While not a ‘how-to’ book on exorcism, nor a theoretical book on demonology, it gives sound advice on the subjects of spiritual warfare and deliverance. Highly recommended for anyone in ministry, especially on the mission field.”
— Mark LaCour, Pastor, Grace Bible Fellowship, Baton Rouge, LA

“Deceiver is the devil’s name (Revelation 12:9) and although Satan’s role in spiritual warfare is often associated with supernatural power, his most effective strategy is deception. Slick lies and trickery are his top-drawer tactics as he dominates people and nations. Practical Demonology is Conrad Murrell’s clear voice of experience, combined with a sane use of Scripture that helps us understand the enemy for what he really is: a dark impostor masquerading as an angel of light. I am grateful for these veteran insights.”
— David Sitton, President, To Every Tribe Ministries, and Founder of The Center for Pioneer Church Planting and an experienced missionary to Papua New Guinea

About the Author

The life of Conrad Murrell and his ministry is remarkable by any standards, in light of his spiritual influence on countless churches and individuals over fifty years of ministry. The power and influence of his written ministry was extensive, and he possessed an unusual spiritual authority, with insight into the Scriptures, his ability to analyze men and movements, his great wisdom in dealing with thorny pastoral problems, his example and skill in personal counseling– all have deeply impacted many other Christian leaders.  Conrad Murrell was a “pastor’s pastor.” The impact of his life and teachings will continue for generations to come through the men he mentored and encouraged.


Part One: Evicting Demons an Integral Part of the Great Commission

  • The Reality of Demons and What they are
  • Where Demons Work and Thrive

Part Two: Causes, Degrees, and Effects of Demonic Bondage

  • Kinds and Effects
  • Who Can Have Demons?
  • Occasions of Demonic Invasion

Part Three: Deliverance

  • To the Counsellor
  • To the Oppressed

Part Four: Questions and Answers

  • How do you approach a person whom you suspect has demons?
  • How do demons speak?
  • When you ask demons questions, how do you know they are not lying?
  • Is the person being dealt with conscious of what is happening?
  • Can you cast demons out of a person without his knowledge or consent?
  • Can demons take a person’s life?
  • Do more women have demons than men?
  • Can small children be delivered of demons?
  • Can a Spirit-filled person have demons?
  • Why don’t all demons leave a person at conversion?
  • Why can’t all the demons be cast out at the same time?
  • Is it dangerous to lay hands on a demonized person?
  • Why must it be such a long ordeal?
  • Is there a danger that demons leaving a person will enter another person present at the same time?
  • Can demons read your mind?
  • Should exorcism be public or private?
  • How do you know all the demons are gone?
  • Should you command demons to go to the pit?
  • What about prayer and fasting?