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  • ISBN: 978-19324-74244
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Page Count: 588
  • Publisher: Solid Ground Christian Books

More Love to Thee: The Life & Letters of Elizabeth Prentiss (paperback)

  • Author: Elizabeth Prentiss

$35.00 $27.50

Collected life and letters from the famed author of “Stepping Heavenward”, and the hymn “More Love to Thee”

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Paperback edition. “Reading Christian biographies has had an immeasurable influence in my own life and spiritual growth. To be able to see the hand of God, guiding, correcting, and sustaining one who trusts Him has encouraged me to believe that true discipleship is possible not only for the great figures of the Bible but for us ordinary folks as well. More Love to Thee reveals the character of a woman who loved God and earnestly sought to help others to love Him.” — Elisabeth Elliot

“I am delighted about the publication of the rare volume of the life and letters of Elizabeth Prentiss. We greatly need more biographies of godly women, and this work is certainly in that category.” — Iain Murray