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Making Him Known Set book image
  • ISBN: 9781-5963-87140x
  • Binding: 8-Volume Set - Large Illustrated Paperbacks
  • Page Count: 875 total
  • Publisher: P & R Publishing

Making Him Known Set (8 Vols) God’s Names & others (Sally Michael, Jill Nelson)

$136.00 $89.00

A special bargain deal on all eight (8) Sally Michael titles in the Making Him Known Series!

  • God’s Names
  • God’s Promise
  • God’s Providence
  • God’s Battle
  • God’s Gospel
  • God’s Design
  • God’s Wisdom
  • God’s Word


Making Him Known 

The Full 8 Volume set

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God’s Names

When you want to get to know someone, where do you start? Usually you start with learning their name. God knows this too – and He doesn’t have just one name to share with us, either! The Bible gives us many names for God and tells us what each one means. When we learn a name for God that we had not heard before, we learn a great deal that’s new about Him to us, too!   This is the foundational volume in the Making Him Known series – see all the rest below!

God’s Design

This full-color guide teaches children about God’s design for men and women. In easy-to-understand language, parents will be able to teach their children how God made us in his image, how sin distorts God’s good design, and how they can pursue godly manhood and womanhood.
Each chapter explores what the Bible teaches about husbands and wives, fathers and mothers, marriage and singleness, and more. As children discover the beauty in God’s design, they will learn to be thankful for how they are made and to glorify God in how they treat others of the same and different gender. Each chapter includes application questions and activities.

God’s Word

This full-color illustrated volume teaches children what the Bible is, what it says, and why we can trust God’s true, powerful Word. In easy-to-understand language, children will learn important theological concepts like the authority, inspiration, infallibility, and inerrancy of Scripture. Each chapter includes discussion questions and family-friendly activities, making this book an excellent devotional for parents of young children.

God’s Promise

Already known for her first book, God’s Names, author Sally Michael, who serves with her husband David Michael at Children Desiring God in Bethlehem Baptist Church, Minneapolis, now with her second book, parents can help their early elementary children trust in God’s promises revealed throughout the Bible. It’s a beautiful, full-color, illustrated guide that includes personal application and suggestions for activities.

God’s Providence

In this full-color guide to how God’s providence works in the world, parents can stimulate a lively discussion with early elementary children about resting in God’s sovereign care. Each chapter includes personal application and activities.

God’s Wisdom

Sally Michael seamlessly weaves New Testament and Old Testament stories together to teach biblical wisdom in a way that is clear, fun, and engaging for children. Her compelling word pictures and analogies make difficult concepts easier to grasp. Sally offers our kids more than biblical horse sense; Sally grounds biblical wisdom in the gospel. Parents looking for tools to point their children to Christ would be wise to buy this book for their family.

God’s Battle

Parents work hard to protect their children from danger. But are we helping to guard them in the spiritual battle that already rages around them? Whether he consciously takes sides or not, every person is in the middle of spiritual warfare. None of us can choose to sit on the sidelines—and even our children are not exempt! So rather than trying to shield them from the very real war around them, why not equip them, as early as possible, to take an active role and fight back?

God’s Gospel

The author guides parents and their young children through the basics of the gospel, exploring even complex theological topics in easy-to-understand, kid-friendly language. The end of each ready-made lesson includes questions for reflection and family activities that will help children to remember what they have learned.

About the Author 

Sally Michael is the co-founder of Children Desiring God and developed their widely used Sunday school curriculum for young people. These Making Him Known books grew out of that.  She is the Minister for Program Development and Resources in the Family Discipleship Department at Bethlehem Baptist Church, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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