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The Lighted Way Grace and Truth Books
  • ISBN: 158339-1037x
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Page Count: 82
  • Publisher: Grace & Truth Books

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We consider this one of our richest treasures from the 19th century. The Lighted Way is well-named, because it’s about our Lord Jesus Christ. It includes nine beautiful stories, each of which shed light on who Jesus is, with exceptional insight.



The Lighted Way

Special 3 copy deal for $5! 

The Lighted Way: Loving Words about Jesus

A treasure from the 1800s, The Lighted Way is well-named, because its subject is, our Lord Jesus Christ. It includes ten beautiful stories, each of which shed light on who Jesus is, with exceptional insight.

Reprinted from an American Tract Society edition from the 19th century, this is outstanding for family reading, especially to ages 8 and under, but the whole family can deeply enjoy it.

Includes illustrative stories about these names of Jesus:

Christ our Way
Christ the Bread of Life
Christ our Redeemer
Christ the Light
Christ, the Good Shepherd
Christ The Door
Christ, the Fountain of Life
Christ, the True Vine
Christ Our Life
Christ, the Friend of Little Children

About the Author

Of “Cousin Bessie”, the American Tract Society author who chose to remain anonymous,  little is known, except that she was a pastor’s wife of the 1800s who had a burden for reaching little ones with the gospel of Christ.

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