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A Journey in Providence Grace and Truth Books
  • ISBN: 978-1883265199
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Page Count: 204
  • Publisher: Grace & Truth Books

A Journey in Providence (Richard Belcher)

$12.95 $8.50

Full of reflections from the Biblical book of Job, we have another volume from Dr. Richard Belcher’s continuing series of theological novels.  Tragedy in our family life draws us to seek God more closely, to understand His mysterious purposes in our lives.



A Journey in Providence

A Journey in Providence contains reflections from the Biblical book of Job.  It’s another volume from Dr. Richard Belcher’s continuing series of theological novels, starting with A Journey in Grace. Tragedy draws Ira to seek God more closely, to understand the Lord’s mysterious purposes in life.

The doctrine of the providence of God is too little considered by Christians today. We prefer to think of ourselves as in control of far more than we really are, when the Scriptures are clear that all things are upheld by the word of Christ’s power. This fresh story by Dr. Belcher is a warm introduction to this important biblical teaching.

The current full series of Journey books includes:

  • A Journey in Grace
  • A Journey in Authority
  • A Journey in Baptism
  • A Journey in Baptist History
  • A Journey in Christian Heritage
  • A Journey in Dispensationalism
  • A Journey in Evangelism & Missions
  • A Journey in Faith
  • A Journey in God’s Glory
  • A Journey in God’s Sovereignty
  • A Journey in Heresy
  • A Journey in Inspiration
  • A Journey in Matthew 24
  • A Journey in Providence
  • A Journey in Purity
  • A Journey in Revival
  • A Journey in Roman Catholicism
  • A Journey in Salvation
  • A Journey to Eternity

About the Author 

Dr. Richard Belcher is the author of numerous books in the field of Bible study, theology, language and biography, including the Journey series of theological novels, beginning with A Journey in Grace. Dr. Belcher has been active in ministry for over 50 years and taught for 26 years at Columbia International University.  He has trained thousands of students in Systematic Theology, preaching, and hermeneutics, and not merely from the podium but with a mentoring heart that has come alongside many young men during difficult times in their ministries.