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John G. Paton South Sea Island Rescue Grace and Truth Books
  • ISBN: 978-1857928525
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Page Count: 158
  • Publisher: Christian Focus Publications

John G. Paton: South Sea Island Rescue

$8.99 $7.25

In the exhausting heat and humidity of the South Sea Island, John Paton is as far away from his home and family in Scotland as he could be! He knew God had brought him here, to share the good news about Jesus with these natives. But for right now, he had to run for his life and hide! He was risking his life for the work of the Lord – would it turn out to be a good decision?

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John G. Paton: South Sea Island Rescue

In the Trailblazers Series!

‘They plan to kill you all! You must get out!’ With that warning John Paton and his friends grabbed what little possessions they had and fled into the jungle. The Warrior Chief of Tanna was taking revenge on the mission man who threatened his power and the hold he had over the ordinary men and women of the island. John has to run for his life!

In the heat and humidity of the South Sea Island, John G Paton is far away from his Scottish home. And as he runs for his life he is thinking of rescue… a rescue for himself from the dangers all around and a rescue for the thousands of South Sea Islanders who still don’t know about Jesus Christ and the love of God.

Recommended Reading Level:

Read to me: age 7-8
Read myself: age 9-14

About the Author

Kay Walsh is also author of Amy Carmichael: Rescuer by Night 


“The reader’s interest in this exciting account of the life of a South Sea Island missionary is captured from the very first chapter …… readers are encouraged to apply the lessons of his life to their own through the Thinking Further Topics.” — The Gospel Magazine

“The Christian legacy of this amazing missionary is still felt today in the South Sea Islands. Reading true life stories like this help us realise what difficulties really are. John G Paton was no stranger to struggle. This is not the story of a gentleman missionary who wilts at the first hardship. This man went through the school of hard knocks to become a missionary in one of the toughest areas of Glasgow – and then on to the savage tribes of the South Sea Islands. Being a missionary is hard – it certainly was back then. For many their very life was in the balance and John G Paton was no exception. Cannibals and warring tribes were daily dangers.” — Catherine Mackenzie, author of many children’s books and Editor at Christian Focus for Kids