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  • ISBN: 978-1930092204
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Page Count: 312
  • Publisher: Christian Liberty Press

In Freedom’s Cause: A Story of Wallace and Bruce (G. A. Henty)

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Liberty or death – this was the choice the people of 14th century Scotland faced if they rose up against their English ruler. Most would say it was no choice at all. Many of the Scottish nobles were English supporters. Few could be expected to rise up against the numerically overwhelming English army.

The hero of the story, Archibald Forbes, joins the struggle for Scottish freedom led by the valiant Sir William Wallace and Robert the Bruce. The extraordinary valor and personal prowess of these men rival the deeds of the mythical heroes of chivalry. Henty weaves a wonderful story around the actual events of 1314 at Bannockburn.

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In Freedom’s Cause

A Story of Wallace and Bruce

In Freedom’s Cause relates the stirring tale of the Scottish War of Independence. The hero of the tale fought under both Wallace and Bruce, and while the strictest historical accuracy has been maintained with respect to public events, the work is full of “hairbreadth escapes” and wild adventure.

About the Author

British writer George Alfred Henty, who came to be known as G.A. Henty, began his storytelling with his own children. After the evening meal, it was his habit to spend an hour or more telling the children a story that he would resume the next day, and the next, until complete.  Some of his stories took weeks to tell!  A friend was present one day and watched the spell-bound reaction of all the children present.  He commended Mr. Henty that he had an exceptional gift, and suggested that he write down his stories for the enjoyment of others beyond his home. Henty took the counsel, began to write, and the result was over 144 books!

Besides these came shorter stories for numerous British magazines. He quickly became known as “The Prince of Story-Tellers” and “The Boy’s Own Historian.” One of Mr. Henty’s secretaries reported that he would quickly pace back and forth in his study dictating stories at a pace that the secretary could barely keep up with writing.

Henty’s stories revolve around fictional boy heroes, pictured during fascinating periods of history, amid all the true events and personalities of the times.  His heroes are smart, devoted to their country, and often find themselves in situations of great danger.  They participate in the conflict of international wars, cross oceans, conquer tyranny and bring freedom to empires, a experience a wide range of other exciting adventures.  In short, Henty’s heroes live through tumultuous historic eras meeting leaders of those times.  Every reader of Henty books will come to a greater understanding of the cultures of many nations in eras across the centuries!

Table of Contents

  1. Glen Cairn
  2. Leaving Home
  3. Sir William Wallace
  4. The Capture of Lanark
  5. A Treacherous Plot
  6. The Barns of Ayr
  7. The Cave in the Pentlands
  8. The Council at Stirling
  9. The Battle at Stirling Bridge
  10. Colonsay
  11. A Mission to Ireland
  12. An Irish Rising
  13. The King’s Bloodhound
  14. The Hound Restored
  15. The Convent of St. Kenneth
  16. The Heiress of the Kerrs
  17. The Siege of Aberfilly
  18. A Prisoner
  19. The Escape from Berwick
  20. The Progress of the War
  21. The Capture of a Stronghold
  22. Edinburgh
  23. Bannockburn