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I Can't Believe You Just Said That book cover
  • ISBN: 9781-400204-441
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Page Count: 220
  • Publisher: Thomas Nelson

I Can’t Believe You Just Said That! (Ginger Hubbard)

$16.99 $14.75

In I Can’t Believe You Just Said That, the bestselling author of Don’t Make Me Count to Three! lays out a simple, Bible-based plan that shows parents how to help their kids tame their tongues and walk in the transforming power of Christ.

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I Can’t Believe You Just Said That!

Biblical Wisdom for Taming Your Child’s Tongue

Are you ever embarrassed or shocked by what comes out of your child’s mouth? Do you raise your voice, threaten, and coerce, but find yourself frustrated because nothing seems to work?

In I Can’t Believe You Just Said That!, Ginger Hubbard provides a practical, three-step plan to reach beyond the behaviors of tongue-related struggles—such as lying, tattling, and whining—to address your child’s heart. After all, as Matthew 12:34 tells us, “the mouth speaks what the heart is full of.”

By moving past the idea that parenting is about rigid rule-setting or behavior management, we can set aside ineffective practices such as scolding, ignoring the offense, or merely administering punishment. Instead, we start to see that our children’s outbursts are prime opportunities for the ultimate goal of all parenting: to guide them to the redemptive work of Jesus and his transformational power.

About the Author 

Ginger Hubbard is a sought-after speaker, author, and an award-winning writer. She has spoken at hundreds of parenting conferences, mom’s events, and homeschool conventions across the country. Ginger is a veteran homeschooling mother of two adult children and stepmom to two much-adored stepsons. She and her husband reside in Opelika, Alabama.

Table of Contents

  1. I Know You Didn’t Just Say That
  2. Whining
  3. Lying
  4. Tattling
  5. Defying
  6. Manipulating
  7. Interrupting
  8. Complaining
  9. Blame-Shifting
  10. Teasing
  11. Aggravating
  12. Bragging
  13. Arguing
  14. Yelling
  15. Gossiping
  16. Bickering
  17. What’s a Good Parent to do?

A Note from Ginger


“As a mom, it’s always nice to have tools in your toolbox to help navigate parenting issues. This book deals with any issue you can think of dealing with the mouth. It covers whining, tattling, arguing, yelling, interrupting, and many more. I really enjoyed the biblical wisdom and personal examples Ginger shared. I would recommend this book to any mom as it is filled with practical info to help you navigate these issues with your child. This was perfect timing for me as my littles are just beginning to get to this verbal stage.

I loved how Ginger has 3 easy steps for each issue and also found her tips so helpful and practical. You can use Ginger’s input like a guide. If you have ever thought, I wish someone would just give me a script in helping my child with these verbal issues, this is the book for you.” — Lyndsey