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Hebrew Boy's Education in the Time of Christ Grace and Truth Books
  • ISBN: 74063-11h
  • Binding: CD
  • Page Count:
  • Publisher: Grace and Truth Books

A Hebrew Boy’s Education in the Time of Christ – audio CD (Dennis Gundersen)

$7.50 $6.00

Most Westerners don’t understand how Hebrew families viewed the
essentials of education and what a dose of freshness it might add to
your day to consider the schooling the boy Jesus would have received
in His times. Take a journey back to Nazareth’s school and see the
unique perspectives and goals which would have been included. We
can learn a lot from an ancient Hebrew schoolhouse!

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A Hebrew Boy’s Education in the Time of Christ

Audio CD message

Most Christians of the Western world have very little understanding of how ancient Hebrew families and educators looked at the essentials of education. While we don’t have any detailed records of the boyhood of Jesus, from history we can know what would have been the central elements of a synagogue school in His times.

This seminar takes the listener back to a typical school in first-century Israel, for a look at the unique perspectives, goals, and subjects of a Hebrew boy’s education. This gives us an opportunity to re-examine some of our own curriculum goals, in light of what God-fearing parents of a previous era considered most important.

About the Speaker

Dennis Gundersen is the President and owner of Grace & Truth Books. He is also author of Your Child’s Profession of Faith and Courtship and Dating: So What’s the Difference?  He and his wife Naomi have been married since 1976 and have four adult sons.  All their sons were homeschooled for the entire duration of their pre-college education.  He served as Pastor-Teacher of two different churches in the Tulsa, Oklahoma area from 1984-2009 – Tanglewood Baptist Church of Sand Springs and Grace Bible Church of Tulsa.  Dennis teaches at churches and conferences nationwide, and is a visiting professor at the Tlapaneco Bible Institute in Guerrero, Mexico.

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