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Great Barrier Reef Adventures Grace and Truth Books
  • ISBN: 978-1845500689
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Page Count: 95
  • Publisher: Christian Focus Publications

Great Barrier Reef Adventures (Jim Cromarty)

$8.99 $6.95

Every year, backpackers and tourists flock to Australia, and especially to the Great Barrier Reef! The water is crystal clear and the fish and sea creatures are there in every color of the rainbow. The rugged terrain is full of excitement and a treasure trove of creatures of every kind can be found there.

Join Jim Cromarty as he shows God’s amazing work in these beautiful lands and waters. Some of the creatures – like sharks and poisonous jellyfish – can be deadly! But God has made each of them for a purpose. And His people are working there.

Recommended Reading Level:

  • Read to me: Ages 5-7
  • Read on my own: Ages 8-12

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Great Barrier Reef Adventures

Every year, backpackers and tourists flock to Australia, especially to the amazing Great Barrier Reef.

The water is crystal clear and the fish and sea creatures are every colour of the rainbow. The coral beds are heaving with creatures of every shape and size. Watch as divers and other explorers discover God’s amazing creation.

Join the travellers and Jim Cromarty as he shows us God’s amazing work in the beautiful land and waters off the Australian coast.

Watch out for dangerous sea creatures like sharks and poisonous jellyfish – some can be deadly, but God has made them all.

There are a great variety of incredibly colorful creatures and some astonishingly ugly ones as well.

Learn about your world and the God who made it.


  1. The Great Barrier Reef
  2. Australia Ahoy!
  3. Meet the Twelve Apostles!
  4. Sydney Harbour Bridge
  5. The Opera House
  6. A Visit to Katoomba
  7. The Jenolan Caves
  8. The Platypus
  9. Captain Cook
  10. Lost at Sea
  11. Great Barrier Reef Fish
  12. Great Barrier Reef Birds
  13. Unpleasant Fish
  14. Reef Attack
  15. Time to Go Home
  16. Great Barrier Reef Quiz

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Loaded with personal and family stories, tales of animals of the region, cultural information and historical stories combined with missionary accounts; captivating to young readers (14 and under) while providing a great introduction to the subject of missions.

About the Author

Jim Cromarty is a well-known author of both children and adult books about Australia’s great outdoors and Christian history. He is retired and lives in Australia. His story since retirement can be read in his book Stopped Work? Start Living.  In this Adventures series, he is also the author of Pacific Adventures and Outback Adventures, and in the category of missionary biography he has written It Is Not Death to Die: A New Biography of Hudson Taylor and The Pigtail and Chopsticks Man: The Story of J. Hudson Taylor and the China Inland Mission.