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  • ISBN: 9781-59638-4323
  • Binding: Large Paperback
  • Page Count: 128
  • Publisher: P & R Publishing

God’s Promise (Sally Michael)

  • Author: Sally Michael

$16.99 $13.95

“What a blessing for kids to grow up understanding God’s varied promises—conditional or unconditional, given to one individual, to God’s people, or to all humanity. This book is clear, profound, helpful, and at every point grounded with faith and confidence in who God is. A tremendous resource!”
— Elizabeth Groves, Lecturer in Old Testament, Westminster Theological Seminary

Already known for her first book, God’s Names, author Sally Michael, who serves with her husband David Michael at Children Desiring God in Bethlehem Baptist Church, Minneapolis, now with her second book, parents can help their early elementary children trust in God’s promises revealed throughout the Bible. It’s a beautiful, full-color, illustrated guide that includes personal application and suggestions for activities.



Table of Contents:

1) Promises are Like Presents
2) God’s Promises to Believers
3) God’s Promises to Unbelievers
4) Promises with Conditions
5) God Always Keeps His Promises
6) Trusting God’s Promises
7) Salvation – for Everyone who Calls
8) Faithful to Forgive
9) With You Always and Everywhere
10) Steadfast Love
11) Ears That Hear
12) Every Need Supplied
13) No Good Thing Withheld
14) A Present Help
15) Strength in Weakness
16) Slow to Anger
17) Discipline, A Gift?
18) Everything for Good
19) No Unnecessary Suffering
20) Walking With You in Trials …to the Reward
21) Deliverance from Trouble
22) Joy Comes with the Morning!
23) Life…Forever
24) God is Not Slow in Keeping His Promises
25) Look Up, not Down
26) Standing on God’s Promises
Appendix: Ten Essential Truths

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