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God the 10 commandments and jesus cover
  • ISBN: 9781-857928501
  • Binding: Hardback
  • Page Count: 48
  • Publisher:

God, the Ten Commandments and Jesus (Carine MacKenzie)

$12.99 $10.75

A fascinating retelling of a vital part of scripture. Children will love it and parents will love the positive teaching it gives on how we can obey God.

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God, the Ten Commandments and Jesus

The commandments of God were kept perfectly by Jesus Christ and other people too were helped by God to follow his laws and obey his word.

Zaccheus was a thief whose life was changed around by meeting Jesus Christ so that he gave his money away instead of stealing it. David was a warrior who when given the chance to kill his enemy chose to obey God’s word instead. Joseph kept the seventh commandment by refusing to obey his bosses wife but was thrown in prison as a result.

All the commandments are covered as well as the true stories surrounding Mount Sinai and God’s writing of the ten commandments on the two stones.


“This book is to be welcomed in an age when children are no longer taught the Ten Commandments at school.”

-Jill Masters, Tabernacle Bookshop

Table of Contents

God’s Commandments

  • Moses on Mount Sinai (Exodus 19)
  • The Ten Commandments (Exodus 20)
  • Tablets of Stone (Exodus 24 & 31)
  • Disobedience and the Golden Calf (Exodus 32)
  • Two more Tablets (Exodus 34)

Obeying God

  • The First Commandment: Shadrach, Meshach & Abednego (Daniel 3)
  • The Second Commandment: Gideon (Judges 6 & 7)
  • The Third Commandment: Praising God’s Name (Matthew 21)
  • The Fourth Commandment: Jesus’ Sabbath (Mark 1; Luke 4)
  • The Fifth Commandment: Timothy(2 Timothy 1)
  • The Sixth Commandment: David and King Saul (1 Samuel 24)
  • The Seventh Commandment: Joseph (Genesis 39)
  • The Eighth Commandment: Zacchaeus (Luke 19)
  • The Ninth Commandment: Micaiah (2 Chronicles 18)
  • The Tenth Commandment: Paul (Acts; 2 Cornthians 11; Philippians 4)
  • Do Not Neglect God’s Law (Nehemiah 1-9)

Jesus and the Commandments

  • Jesus sums up the commandments (Matthew 22; 26; 27)
  • Jesus kept the commandments (John 19)
  • What about you? (John 14; John 20)
About the Author

Carine MacKenzie’s talent for retelling Bible stories has meant that children from all over the world have been given the opportunity to discover Jesus Christ for themselves. Carine’s 150th book 365 Great Bible Stories was released in July 2011. She has sales of several million books and lives in Inverness, Scotland.