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  • ISBN: 9781-886568-594
  • Binding: DVD set
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  • Publisher: Paul Tripp Ministries

Getting to the Heart of Parenting: DVD with Leader’s Discussion Guide

  • Author: Paul David Tripp

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Parenting is more than using your power to get children to behave in certain ways: it’s all about the exposure of and change in the child’s heart. 3 DVD’s with ten 25-minute sessions of Paul Tripp’s teaching about parenting.


Product Description

A wonderful parenting conference recorded live on DVD for parents of all age children from infant through teens. Parenting is more than using your power to get children to behave in certain ways. Parenting is all about the exposure and change of the child’s heart. When the heart of a child changes the behavioral change that is needed will last.

Learn how to be an instrument of heart changing grace in the little moments of life that God will give you with your children, whether they are toddlers or teens. Ten – 25 minute sessions on 3 DVDs; also with a downloadable and reproducible discussion guide and leader’s guide.

“I am encouraged to say that the conference was very helpful to our congregation. Paul did an excellent job communicating what we long to stress in our parenting. The content of the conference aimed at our own hearts and drove us to see our own need for Christ while also equipping us with some practical steps to implement.

Paul’s delivery of the conference combined the seriousness of the parenting task with laughter and confessional examples of his own life. To better equip our people to engage in personal and community transformation, we have purchased several resources from the resource table and look forward to tapping into Paul Tripp Ministries in the future.

— Dax Gibson, Christ Community Presbyterian Church, Lakeland, FL