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Created for Work Grace and Truth Books
  • ISBN: 978-1883934118
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Page Count: 191
  • Publisher: Great Expectations Books

Created For Work: Practical Insights for Young Men (Bob Schultz)

  • Author: Bob Schultz

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From the author of Boyhood and Beyond, where he discussed the essentials of godly character as boys transition into men, in his new book Bob Schultz focuses on one major area: work! Using his homespun wisdom, real-life stories and sound application of Scripture, he shows what it takes to become a reliable, God-honoring worker.

Modern culture teaches our sons to be addicted to ease and entertainment. God’s will is for a boy to become a man of diligence, not afraid to get his hands dirty, follow directions, think creatively, respect authority, and happily complete assigned duties. This book is a valuable resource on a too-rarely touched subject. For boys age 12 and up. Includes discussion questions at the end of each chapter.


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Created for Work

Practical Insights for Young Men 

Every boy dreams of what he will be when he grows up. Parents pray that whatever he chooses, he may be successful. Even a good education is no guarantee of success. Without a healthy, Biblical attitude toward work, young men may continue to just dream but never attain God’s best for them.

Created For Work is such a unique book, tackling a rarely-addressed topic! – and will equip young men to develop excellence in their work habits, which will benefit them, their families, and their employers. This is a one-of-a-kind resource for boys ages 12 and up.

All young men should be on the road to developing a healthy attitude toward work. Honest productive work is the backbone of strong families and blessed nations.

Bob Schultz’s previous book,  Boyood and Beyond, addressed essential issues related to godly character as boys transition into manhood. In Created for Work he applies his engaging homespun wisdom, with stories from real life, to teach young men (and boys) what it means to be good workers.

Modern culture seems addicted to ease and entertainment. It has produced a generation of educated yet often dishonest, unproductive, and weak-willed men. God desires higher standards for His people. He is looking for young men who do not shy away from hard work, who are not afraid to get their hands dirty, who can follow directions, think creatively, respect authority, and happily complete their duties in a timely manner. These are the ones He is training up to be future fathers, teachers, and leaders. Created for Work inspires young men and offers the tools and encouragement they need to embrace God’s ways and always give an honest day’s work.

Questions at the end of each chapter make Created for Work an excellent read-aloud book for a father and son or for group discussion.