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Bible Truths For Little Children Grace and Truth Books
  • ISBN: 978-1-930133-17-4
  • Binding: Paperback 5 volume set
  • Page Count: 800
  • Publisher: Grace and Truth Books

Bible Truths For Little Children (full 5-volume set)

$39.75 $15.90

Buy as a set and each volume is only $3.18!

A delightfully simple but rich five (5)-volume Bible story set, reprinted from the 1800s. Due to having large quantities on hand, we are offering this set at over 60% OFF! when you buy this set.

Bible story books are known to often take far too many liberties with the Biblical text, altering it drastically in an effort to “simplify” for children. This rare set avoids that pitfall, and instead skillfully maintains great Biblical accuracy while re-telling the Bible stories in language very young children can easily understand!

Many readers have marveled to us at how true to Scripture this set is. These volumes are some of the best Christian family reading we have, especially for children 8 and under.



Bible Truths for Little Children

60% off when bought as a set!  

Contents of the 5 volumes:

  • Volume 1: Stories from the Book of Genesis
  • Volume 2: Stories from Exodus, Numbers, Deuteronomy, and Joshua
  • Volume 3: Stories from the books of Samuel, Kings, and Chronicles
  • Volume 4: Stories from the books of Kings, Chronicles, and the prophet Daniel
  • Volume 5: Stories from the New Testament (the four Gospels and Book of Acts)

Recommended Reading Level:

Read to me: ages 4-6
Read on my own: ages 7-9

The design of this series of five volumes is to lead children to both understand and delight in the Scriptures. We know that adults meet with difficulties in interpreting the Word. That being so, children run into many more!  These books are skillful at clearing such difficulties up.

Commentaries are often not suited to the minds of children, even when written simply. The best thing to join with the words of these volumes is the delivery of them in the parent’s voice. No book can so decisively address a child’s attention, or touch the heart, as the remarks of a tender parent.

The series will not only be helpful to parents seeking to communicate the truths of God’s Word, but also Sunday School teachers. Here they can find readable material for their classes on Scripture.