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Away on a Hilltop book cover
  • ISBN: 9781-73216-2914
  • Binding: hardcover
  • Page Count: 32
  • Publisher: Storybook Meadow

Away on a Hilltop (Gary Bower, illustrated by Jan Bower)

$12.99 $11.50

We’ve all heard the sweet song about the Baby Jesus, asleep in the hay.  Away in a Manger is only where the human life of our Lord began … from there, He lived as a perfect boy, then an adult man, and of course ultimately accomplishing the full purpose for which the Father sent Him: to die for our sins.  So there’s more to that story – a lot more.  Away on a Hilltop explains the rest to children.

Suitable for all ages but especially designed for read-aloud to children 2-6 years of age.



Away on a Hilltop

The Continuing Story of the Manger Baby

Away on a Hilltop starts in the manger and follows the footsteps of Jesus Christ all the way through His life.  Beginning at His humble birth, it moves to His upbringing as a carpenter; learning at twelve in the temple; His baptism by John the Baptist, and beyond.

From there, Away on a Hilltop follows His life into the wilderness for His temptation, all the way to the upper room, the garden of Gethsemane, His trial, death and of course – His resurrection!

The story closes with a tender prayer​​ to this wonderful Savior who came to our world to wash our sins away.

Beautifully illustrated, featuring the oil paintings of Jan Bower

Sample of the pages that follow:

Away in the temple, discussing God’s Word,

the twelve-year old Jesus amazed all who heard. 

His parents stood watching with tears in their eyes. 

The twelve-year old Jesus was thoughtful and wise. 

And later:

Away in the wilderness, hungry and thin,

The holy Lord Jesus resisted all sin.

The evil one offered Him riches and bread.

The holy Lord Jesus chose God’s way instead.

  Near the end:

Away in a graveyard of sorrow and gloom,

the broken Lord Jesus lay wrapped in a tomb.

When women came weeping with perfume and prayer,

The body of Jesus was no longer there!