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Andi Far From Home book cover
  • ISBN: 9780-8254-44357
  • Binding: Paperback
  • Page Count: 108
  • Publisher: Kregel Publications

Andi Far From Home (Circle C Stepping Stones Book 6)

$7.99 $6.75

An outbreak of scarlet fever prompts Mother into sending Andi to San Francisco for safekeeping. But the noisy city and Aunt Rebecca’s bossy ways may be worse to Andi than catching the dreaded disease.



Andi Far From Home

Circle C Stepping Stones Book 6 

For readers ages 7-10.

When Fresno is hit with an unexpected outbreak of deadly scarlet fever, Andi Carter is scared. Her town friends are getting sick and school is closed until it passes. Far from the danger, at least Andi has her horse Taffy and plenty of work on the Circle C ranch to distract her.

But is she really safe? First one ranch hand, then two, and then her brother Mitch fall ill. Mother is convinced that the only way to protect Andi from this terrible disease is to send her far away to fussy Aunt Rebecca in San Francisco.

The noisy city and Aunt Rebecca’s bossy ways may be worse than scarlet fever. But then Andi has an idea that might help save her friends back home . . .

The Volumes in the Circle C Stepping Stones Series:

  • Andi Saddles Up (Book 1)
  • Andi under the Big Top (Book 2)
  • Andi Lassos Trouble (Book 3)
  • Andi to the Rescue (Book 4)    and forthcoming in 2018:
  • Andi Dreams of Gold (Book 5)
  • Andi Far from Home (Book 6)

About the Author

Susan K. Marlow is always on the lookout for a new story, whether she’s writing books, teaching writing workshops, or sharing what she’s learned as a homeschooling mom. The author of the Circle C Adventures series and the Circle C Beginnings series, Susan enjoys relaxing on her fourteen-acre homestead in the great state of Washington.

Table of Contents

New Words
1. Indian Camp
2. Scarlet Fever
3. Ranch Holiday
4. Epidemic!
5. Off to the City
6. Too Many Rules
7. A New Friend
8. Sunday Outing
9. Lands End
10. Surprise Supper Guest
11. Shakeup
12. Good-bye, San Francisco
History Fun: Scarlet Fever