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American Trailblazers box book image
  • ISBN: 9781-52710-5232
  • Binding: 5 volume boxed set
  • Page Count: 800 total
  • Publisher: Christian Focus

American Trailblazers – Box Set (5 volumes)

$39.99 $29.50

A boxed set of 5 volumes on the lives of American Christian leaders:

Jim Elliot, D. L. Moody, Betty Greene, Lottie Moon, and Elisabeth Elliot

Biographies for children & youth, ages 8-14.  About 160 pages each.

Scroll down for more detail on each!



American Trailblazers

Boxed Set

5 volumes on the lives of:

Elisabeth Elliot – D. L. Moody – Betty Greene – Jim Elliot – Lottie Moon

This giftbox collection gathers together the stories of five American Christians and the lives they lived for God.

Jim Elliot – A true missionary pioneer, daring to seek out a hostile, unreached people group with the gospel of Christ!  He forfeited his own life to bring the good news to the Auca Indians. Read the story of Jim’s love for a fighting people and his sacrifice to tell them of a loving God.

Elisabeth Elliot – From the jungles of the Amazon, to the lecture halls and radio shows of the culture wars, Elisabeth was a vibrant role model for godly women all over the world. After losing her husband Jim, she returned to take the gospel to the very people who had taken his life!

Betty Greene – Betty Greene was one of the early women pilots. After WWII, Betty helped to set up an organisation that used planes to help mission work – and she was its first pilot. In time, the organization whose roots she planted became the Missionary Aviation Fellowship (MAF).

D. L. Moody – D. L. Moody was one of the outstanding evangelists of his times. His eagerness to take the gospel to the man on the street was used of God to bring many to faith in Christ. Moody’s story is an example of how one life devoted to God can change the world.

Lottie Moon – Lottie Moon was a wild, mischievous girl at school. But she grew up with a zeal to go to China as a missionary and share the good news of Jesus with thousands of people.

Each of these was truly an American Trailblazer!

Recommended Reading Level:

  • Read to me: ages 8-9
  • Read on my own: ages 10-14

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