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A Final Reckoning Grace and Truth Books
  • ISBN: 9781-92975-6605
  • Binding: Mp3 CD
  • Page Count:
  • Publisher: Jim Hodges Audio Books

A Final Reckoning (G. A. Henty audiobook, read by Jim Hodges)

$25.00 $19.00

A Tale of Bush Life in Australia

Read aloud by Jim Hodges on audio Mp3.

Australia in the 1800s was a wild place! Reuben Whitney, escaping an unfair and misunderstood perception of him and his reputation in England, takes an adventurous passage ‘down under’ on board the Paramatta.

Shortly after arriving, he joins the police force and soon makes his heroic mark in conflicts with the Aborigines and Bushrangers. He even saves the life of a squire’s daughter! In one event after another, Henty tells Reuben’s story of adventure, close calls, all mingled with plenty of history about Australia!

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A Final Reckoning

A Tale of Bush Life in Australia

G. A. Henty on audiobook, read aloud by Jim Hodges

The hero, a young English lad, after rather a stormy boyhood, emigrates to Australia and gets employment as an officer in the mounted police. A few years of active work on the frontier, where he has many a brush with both natives and bush-rangers, gain him promotion to a captaincy, and he eventually settles down to the peaceful life of a squatter.

About G. A. Henty

George Alfred Henty, better known as G.A. Henty, began his storytelling career with his own children. After dinner, he would spend an hour or two telling them a story that would continue the next day. Some stories took weeks to finish!  A friend was present one day and, watching the spell-bound reaction of his children, suggested that Henty write down his stories so others could enjoy them. He did and, as the saying goes, the rest is history!   Henty wrote 144 books as well as numerous stories for magazines and became known as “The Prince of Story-Tellers” and “The Boy’s Own Historian.”  One of Mr. Henty’s secretaries reported that he would quickly pace back and forth in his study, dictating stories as fast as the secretary could write them down!

Henty’s stories revolve around fictional boy heroes caught up in the events of fascinating times in history. The heroes of Henty stories are diligent, intelligent, and dedicated to their country and cause in the face of great perils.  They fight in wars, sail the seas, make discoveries, conquer evil empires, prospect for gold, and participate in a host of other exciting adventures. Along the way, they cross paths with some of history’s most famous people.  Henty’s heroes live through tumultuous historic eras, meeting leaders of that time. Every reader of Henty will gain an understanding of nations and cultures, as these are conveyed as a natural element of the reading.  They’re one of the best ways to cultivate a taste for history in any reader!