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Gift  Ideas for the Entire Family – The BIG List! 

When it comes to buying a gift for someone you love, a book is a good choice! Sharing a book you love is like sharing a little bit of your heart with someone else. And who doesn’t love help completing their personal library?

With these things in mind, we’ve put together some of our favorite volumes to help you take the guess work out of buying a book as a gift.


17 Gift Ideas for the Christian Reading Family  

16 Gift Ideas for the Christian Reading Family

The Rhyme and Reason Series – Author Catherine Zoller knows how to reach children with the message of the Bible!  She understands the importance of reading aloud to children and filling their lives with the Word of God. Her Rhyme and Reason series does this very thing with beautiful and entertaining colorful illustrations as she retells the stories of books of the Bible, in rhyme!

The Pilgrim’s Progress– The cloth cover is a beautiful work of art. Inside, the volume contains 171 well-crafted illustrations from an original 1891 edition. Share with your family the greatest allegory of the Christian life ever written.

The Holy War The story: Righteous and honorable King Shaddai and His Son Immanuel are the kind rulers the city of Mansoul, always directing the lives of the city with justice and equity. But the ruler of darkness – Prince Diabolus – has his own plans for the city. With the assistance of his evil captains, he plots the destruction of the once happy town.The first to fall to his deceptions is Captain Resistance, so that Mansoul is now open to Diabolus’ wicked lies about their king. Diabolus knows that he may only possess Mansoul if the people open the gates to him by their own choice; and soon, sadly, through the vantage point of Eargate, the inhabitants believe his lies and the city falls. So begins this story of treachery and deceit, foolishness and pride, but forgiveness and final redemption. The fact is, as Bunyan intended it, this is the story of a sinner saved by the grace of God.

Dangerous Journey– One of our best pictorial “gift” books for children 6 to 12 years of age. Beautifully illustrated with full color, artistic drawings on every page, most of them full page or even double-page spreads! The plot is faithfully preserved but the artwork makes this book a rare and special piece of work in itself, very detailed and full of action. This beautiful volume has long been a favorite, first introductory version of The Pilgrim’s Progress for parents to familiarize their young children with the story.

A Theology of the Family – This book presents a perspective on the family largely forgotten by the modern church. There are 56 authors featured in this volume, among whom are: John Bunyan, Jonathan Edwards, John Gill, William Gouge, Matthew Henry, Martin Luther, A.W. Pink, J. C. Ryle, R. C. Sproul, Charles Spurgeon and Thomas Watson. Each of them give a powerful testimony that the 21st century church needs to be reminded of what she used to believe about family life. These authors bring a measure of the correction and the balm necessary to heal our amnesia and return us to biblical order.

Building on the Rock Series– Full set of all 5 devotional books in the Building on the Rock series. Each contains a true story from history which is used to illustrate truths of Scripture. For children 8-12 to read, and makes great read-alouds for ages 4-7.

The Baker Family Adventures– Meet Mr. and Mrs. Baker and their four children: responsible Phil, sensible Abby, daring Andy, and inquisitive Tom. The Bakers are a Christian homeschooling family who love helping others, and they seem to have a knack for finding people who need help. In the seven (7) volumes of the Baker Family Adventures Series by C. R. Hedgcock.

Reformation ABCs – This informative book by historian Stephen J. Nichols offers kids of ages three to six an engaging way to learn about that pivotal era in church history – while they learn their ABCs! Featuring charming illustrations by Ned Bustard, this book introduces families to a host of important figures, locations, concepts, and events, including John Calvin, justification by faith alone, Heidelberg, Westminster, and more. Families will be able to see God’s hand in the Reformation and how he used it to shape his people’s understanding of his Word.

Barn Chronicles Series – Winner of the 2013 Christian Small Publisher’s International Book of the Year Award (Children’s Category, 8-12 years) | “The Barn Chronicles are the best books I have ever read! They are full of fun, adventures, celebrations, broken legs, and heaps more! I would love to live in a barn like that and live on that property with a river, animals, swings, eels and everything else!” — Maria (10)

Jack and Jenny Series – Full of adventure, suspense, and all while learning Biblical truth and applying the Word of God to daily life, the Jack and Jenny Mysteries are a new and exciting set of six (6) volumes for readers 8-12 years of age. Greatly reduced to a bargain price when bought as a set!

The Knight’s Map– In this allegorical tale, theologian, pastor, and author Dr. R.C. Sproul continues his life’s work of making deep biblical truths clear and understandable to children of all ages. The Knight’s Map is the story of a knight who undertakes a perilous journey, but his course is full of people who give him bad advice and send him on wrong turns. In the end, he must decide whether or not he will trust the map provided by the King. Beautiful, full color illustrations by Richard Lawnes reveal this rich, textured world and discussion questions with Scripture references help parents guide their children into the deeper meaning of the story.

The Priest With Dirty Clothes – In this new edition of his classic story, The Priest with Dirty Clothes, Dr. R.C. Sproul continues his project of illustrating theological concepts for children. In this book, he teaches the concept of imputation, which lies at the heart of the important biblical doctrine of justification.Using the story of Joshua the high priest (Zechariah 3:1–5) as his jumping-off point, Dr. Sproul weaves a classic tale about a young priest who is invited to preach his first sermon before the king and his court. But on his way to the palace, he falls from his horse, getting his clothes hopelessly muddy. Jonathan finds that he needs powerful help if he is to stand before the king. This edition of The Priest with Dirty Clothes includes all-new illustrations by Justin Gerard.  Also includes a new “For the Parents” section to help them bring out the truths of the book for their children.

The Ology: Ancient Truths Ever New – A Page-Turning Storybook of Theology for Kids In the cellar of the old stone cathedral, Carla and Timothy uncover a life-changing treasure, a carefully wrapped ancient book known as The Ology. What adults might describe as a beautifully illustrated storybook of systematic theology, the kids discover to be a story of adventure, mystery, and wonder that leads them to the truth about God, themselves, and the world around them. Truth is for kids, not just for adults! So The Ology gives kids of all ages a beginner’s theology book to help them understand who God is and how we, as his children, relate to him. Arranged within a traditional systematic theological framework, each truth in The Ology is also connected to the larger redemptive story of Scripture. The doctrine of God, for example, is presented in the larger framework of creation, where the attributes of God are on display and easier to understand. Designed for six-year-olds through preteens, this flexible resource includes built-in adaptations for use with younger or older children, so that entire families can enjoy it together.

Christian Biographies for Young Readers (Simonetta Carr) – The Christian Biographies for Young Readers introduces children to important people in the Christian tradition. Parents and school teachers alike will welcome the excellent educational value it provides for students, while the quality of the publication and the artwork make each volume a keepsake for generations to come. Furthermore, the books in the series go beyond the simple story of someone’s life by teaching young readers the historical and theological relevance of each character.

Kingdom Tales (David & Karen Mains)Like the Terrestria Chronicles, each Kingdom Tales from Terrestria book was written to honor and glorify the Lord Jesus Christ as King and challenge the reader to love and serve Him. The stories are fast-paced and captivating, but each was written to deliver a powerful message and draw your heart to the King. Unlike the Chronicles, which are sequential and should be read chronologically, the Tales are stand-alone books and can be read in almost any order. Books 2 and 3 belong together, and Books 4 and 5 should be read together. It is our prayer that the Kingdom Tales from Terrestria will challenge your entire family to serve the King of kings.

The Jungle Doctor Series-Paul White was an Australian missionary doctor in Africa early in the 20th century, who gained great skill at teaching the Bible through creative stories based on his missions work. These tales have a timeless quality which has captivated readers for three generations now.  When Dr. White returned home to Australia, his stories were discovered and published with an enthusiastic, world-wide reception.  Children of all ages delight in the Jungle Doctor series, which are written for readers about ages 9-13, but adults love their creative stories, and they make superb read-aloud stories to children from 5-8, who will have no difficulty understanding them!  The full collection is 19 volumes and we have compiled them into three collections for easy purchase: Volumes 1-6 as an introductory set. Volumes 7-12 for more. And Volumes 13-19 to complete your entire collection!  The Jungle Doctor series are exceptional for family reading.

Great Composers Series: Complete set of 16 books! (Opal Wheeler)- For the first time in decades, a treasure is back in print: the complete set of all 16 Opal Wheeler volumes on The Great Composers — and now offered as a set for a terrific sale price! Each volume is an enlarged, lay-open, beautifully illustrated paperback. Each book also contains a skillful biography of the composer, which young people from 4-15 will enjoy. Illustrations are found on almost every page, and many of the compositions of the composer.


12 Gifts for Your Pastor

Gifts for Your Pastor

The Pastor’s BookA Comprehensive and Practical Guide to Pastoral MinistryPastors are tasked with the incredibly demanding job of caring for the spiritual, emotional, and, at times‚ physical needs of their people. While seminary is helpful preparation for many of the challenges pastors face, there’s far more to pastoral ministry than what can be covered in the classroom. Designed as a reference guide for nearly every situation a pastor will face, this comprehensive book by seasoned pastors Kent Hughes and Doug O’Donnell is packed full of biblical wisdom and practical guidance related to the reality of pastoral ministry in the trenches. From officiating weddings to conducting funerals to visiting the sick, this book will equip pastors and church leaders with the knowledge they need to effectively minister to their flocks, both within the walls of the church and beyond.

Biblical Doctrine – Doctrine isn’t just for theologians—it’s important for every Christian because it shows us who God is and how we should live. Systematizing the robust theology that has undergirded Dr. John MacArthur’s well-known preaching ministry for decades, this overview of basic Christian doctrine covers topics such as God the Father, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, the Bible, salvation, and more.

Foundations for the Flock, In recent years Conrad Mbewe has become well known as a preacher around the world. His clear exposition and powerful application of Scripture has earned him a broad and attentive international audience. But what many do not know is he is also a prolific author in his own country of Zambia. He has written numerous articles and booklets to address the spiritual needs of his nation and its churches. The theme of this book is church life, so every part of it deals in some way with this theme.

Looking Unto Jesus– Explains how the Lord Jesus Christ carries every aspect of the great work of man’s salvation, from first to last.  And why must we turn our eyes from everything that diverts us from “looking unto Jesus”?

Lectures on Revivals of Religion– Sprague’s experience of genuine revivals, his faithfulness to Biblical theology and his balanced view, eminently fitted him to write what Dr Lloyd-Jones describes as “The outstanding classic on this vital and urgently important matter”. The chapters cover such themes as The Nature of a Revival, Obstacles to Revivals, Divine Agency in Revivals, General Means of Producing and Promoting Revivals, Treatment due to Awakened Sinners, Evils to be Avoided in Connection with Revivals, etc. It also contains an appendix with 20 letters about revival from various important pastors of the 19th century.

Puritan Paperback Series – A treasury of Puritan writings! The Puritan Paperbacks includes 52 volumes.

Expository Thoughts on the Gospels, J. C. Ryle – Ryle’s Expository Thoughts can be used as a help in family worship, or as an aid in pastoral visitation, or simply as a companion to the Gospels in the private reading of Scripture.  Ryle’s work has long been ranked some of the most edifying commentary ever penned on the gospel books and will never fail to enrich the reader, whether a new and young disciple or a seasoned elderly saint.

Works of John Knox- Unfortunately for many years hardback sets of Knox’s Works have been virtually unobtainable by, and inaccessible to, the general public. Now, to mark the 500th anniversary of his birth (probably in 1514) and the 150th anniversary of the completion of the first definitive edition of the Scottish reformer’s Works (1846-64), these rare volumes have been reprinted. The present republication of the reformer’s writings provides a unique and remarkably affordable opportunity for a new generation of students to rediscover and get to know the real John Knox.

Works of Jonathan Edwards – This two-volume collection of Edwards’ works features important sermons of the Great Awakening as well as Edwards’ memoirs and other essays. First published in 1834, here is what makes this new edition of The Works of Jonathan Edwards the best available: More readable. This edition has larger, more readable type than previous editions. More complete. This edition contains all matter included in the first collected American edition, various original extracts from the diary and papers of Edwards, several smaller pieces printed originally in a separate form, and a memoir by descendant Sereno E. Dwight. For anyone interested in the roots of Christianity and revival in colonial America, The Works of Jonathan Edwards is a fundamental resource.

A Modern Exposition of the 1689 Baptist Confession of Faith– This exposition was originally published in 1989 to mark the 300th anniversary of the publication of the Second London Confession, which also became known as the 1689 Baptist Confession of Faith. Today, Reformed Baptists worldwide hold this Confession in high esteem and many churches continue to regard it as their official statement of faith. In this extensive exposition, the author Sam Waldron shows that the 1689 Confession is a masterly statement of the historic Christian faith. He writes in a direct and lucid style that will help ministers, students and laymen alike to a clear understanding of this Confession and to its relevance and application to our modern age.

A Puritan Theology: Doctrine for Life – A Puritan Theology: Doctrine for Life offers a groundbreaking treatment of the Puritans’ teaching on most major Reformed doctrines, particularly those doctrines in which the Puritans made significant contributions.

Works of John Bunyan – John Bunyan is best known for his famous allegorical works. He was prepared to suffer the hardship of imprisonment, in order to expound these great works. But his exposition of them was not confined to allegory, and in his many other works, like, Come and Welcome to Jesus Christ and An Exposition of the First Ten Chapters of Genesis, we find Bunyan writing as the outstanding pastor-evangelist he was. These three quality volumes, first edited by George Offor (1853 and 1862) constitute the only available standard edition of his works.


7 Gifts for Boys Who Read

Gift ideas for boys who love to read

Boys of Grit Three Volume SetOne of the best Lamplighter sets for boys, at a reduced price!  The Boys of Grit series includes:* Boys of Grit Who Changed the World* Boys of Grit Who Became Men of Honor* Boys of Grit Who Never Gave Up

Men of Grit Christian Fiction Series – Gritty adventure novels that captivate the imagination and inspire boys to embrace their calling as Christian men.Enter the 1830s, a time brimming with mystery, unexplored territories, burgeoning technologies, Old World fighting tactics, and the ever-present need for manly men of honor and courage. 

The Kingdom Series – The full 6-volume set of Chuck Black’s acclaimed Kingdom Series. A gift set for a child who loves adventure that he will read again and again. This may be the best fictional series for children we have ever seen. Wholesome, captivating adventure stories, written in the style of an allegory, full of heroism, knights, and battles, packed with Biblical symbolism. Every city, knight, weapon and battle symbolizes something found in the Word of God!

Scout! Books – In The Scout Series, the reader leaps into an era early in the 20th century in the Netherlands in all its beauty.  You explore the wondrous Dutch countryside with young Tom, his amazing dog Scout, and his friends Carl and Bert.  In this seven-book series by Piet Prins, Tom and his friends help free their village from Nazi occupation, even saving lives!  They get to track down smugglers, burglars, and poachers, and just run into all sorts of dangerous adventures. All three young men are solid Christian youth, but remain eagerly adventurous boys.  They do their best to obey their parents and live to the glory of God.  Yet they’re real and not perfect – they experience turmoil of conscience and heart when tempted to do wrong, and learn to walk with God in the daily details of life.

Tales of the RAF – Join Harry on the airfield when the thundering fighter planes soar to intercept the enemy. Through sheer determination, the brave RAF pilots have made it impossible for the German Luftwaffe to gain an edge in the air above England. These are ordinary men, who do extraordinary deeds — the kinds of deeds that make men heroes!

God is Better Than Trucks – Do you love trucks? Trucks are powerful, big and fun, but God is better than Trucks!  From A – Z, find out about Ambulances, Bulldozers and Car Carriers – and about how God is better than all of them. Full color pictures everywhere in this large book, and memory verses on each page too, to reinforce the point that God is stronger, faster, smarter, and better than them all!

Concord Cunningham Scripture Sleuth– Are you ready to catch villains, solve puzzles, and crack cases that stump normal detectives? Grab your Bible and get ready to do some Scripture sleuthing, with Concord Cunningham. Concord investigates an exciting new mystery in each chapter. But instead of revealing the solution at the end of the chapter, Concord gives readers a Bible verse to look up. The Bible verse holds the final clue to that chapter’s mystery, so readers must open a Bible, find the verse, and look for the clue.



16 Gifts for Homeschooling Families

Gift Ideas for Homeschooling Families

The Journibles– Each book is organized so that you can write out your very own copy of Scripture. You will be writing the Bible text only on the right hand page of the book. This should make for easier writing and also allows ample space on the left page to write your own notes and comments. From time to time a question or word will be lightly printed on the left page; these questions are to aid in further study, but should not interfere with your own notes and comments.

My Grandmother is Praying for Me – Are you a grandmother? Or maybe you know a grandmother, are married to one, or fondly remember your own. Whatever category you are in, authors and grandmothers Kathryn March, Pamela Ferriss, and Susan Kelton invite you to join them in becoming actively involved in the lives of grandchildren. The world continues to change, and sometimes it seems that the generation gap has never been larger. But one thing always holds fast: our children and grandchildren need to know and live by the wisdom that God has outlined for them in His Word.

Keep A Quiet Heart – For almost two decades, Elisabeth Elliot wrote a newsletter, which, in her own words, contained “not much news”, but rather, brief letters to cheer and encourage those who wanted to read her thoughts. This book is a collection of the most useful and loved articles from those years. These 100 brief writings have become one of recent history’s most valued devotional books. Most of them focus on learning to know God. Nothing else comes close to being as important as that. She expresses that she truly believes, not a day passes that does not present us opportunity to know Him better.

Streams in the Desert – L.B. Cowman’s classic devotional book still sustains and reassures readers through many of life’s dry and desolate places. In 365 daily devotional readings, the author (who preferred to be known as Mrs. Charles Cowman) thoughtfully and prayerfully chose the Scripture and penned or selected the meditations she knew would provide wisdom, encouragement, and inspiration to weary desert travelers. Her words are still relevant in today’s world, for anyone who is thirsting for reassurance and guidance from the Word of God.

Daily Readings by Matthew Henry – A gift edition, beautifully presented in a genuine leather binding. Matthew Henry is one of the best known of our spiritual ancestors. His Commentary on the whole Bible is still an all-time classic, the most popular and used Bible commentary in history and a family staple book for all who seek to apply the Word of God.

Teaching from Rest– Those who have made the decision to homeschool their children have done so out of great love for their children and a desire to provide them an excellent education in the context of a warm, enriching home. Yet so many parents (mainly mothers) who have taken up this challenge find the enterprise often full of stress, worry, and anxiety.

Baker Family Adventures – Meet Mr. and Mrs. Baker and their four children: responsible Phil, sensible Abby, daring Andy, and inquisitive Tom. The Bakers are a Christian homeschooling family who love helping others, and they seem to have a knack for finding people who need help. In the seven (7) volumes of the Baker Family Adventures Series by C. R. Hedgcock.

Modern Homesteading – Cody and the Wranglerstar family decided to leave a comfortable city life in 2010 and start their adventure in the rugged mountains of the Pacific Northwest. Now popular pioneers among a growing movement of people seeking independence from debt, freedom to raise their family with values and faith, and the peace of a simpler, more meaningful approach to life, they detail their journey on the Wranglerstar YouTube channel to hundreds of thousands each week.Discover their personal story, what worked, what didn’t, and what you can learn from their mistakes. Explore detailed “How to” sections throughout the book, providing hands-on knowledge and practical tips for just about anyone. Master techniques you can use to help you in your home, garden, and life with these full-color drawings, photos, and illustrations.

Family Worship Bible Guide – Hand in hand with your Bible, this Family Worship Bible Guide presents rich devotional thoughts on all 1,189 chapters in the Bible, including searching questions to promote conversation, to help you with this responsibility. Use this resource every day alongside Scripture to read each chapter’s major takeaways aloud and then discuss them with your family. With the Holy Spirit’s blessing, this book will transform you and your family!

Spurgeon Stories for Children – All five (5) of Tony Hutter’s collection of stories from the children’s ministry of Charles Spurgeon! Terrific read-aloud stories for children 12 and under.

The Children’s Character Building Collection– One of the best gifts you could ever give a child are the eleven stories of our renowned, classic 19th century Children’s Character Building Collection.  And this new printing of the collection is the highest-quality edition of them ever done. All 11 volumes have beautiful new art, hand-painted covers. This is our all-time favorite set of children’s stories from last century, and all with fresh artwork that captures the feel of that era!

Candle in the Window Lamplighter Theatre – Inspire your entire family with a beautiful portrayal of how God can use a simple candle in the window to bring hope for the future and an encounter with the Light of the world.

A Peep Behind the Scenes Lamplighter Theatre– You will be transported back in time to the world of the traveling theatre. Written in 1878, A Peep Behind the Scenes quickly sold over 2.5 million copies. Now, over a century later, it comes to life as a powerful audio drama! You will meet Nora, who, enticed by the lure of fame and blinded by the romance of the theatre, soon grasps the reality of what life is like behind the scenes; Augustus, who thrives in the very small world of himself; Rosalie, whose faith shines bright in a very dark world; Betsy Ann, convinced that nobody loves her because nobody ever did, until she meets the Good Shepherd, Who goes to extremes to seek and to find those are lost.

The War Between the States – The definitive history of America’s Uncivil War. Few events in America’s history have been as controversial as the bloody War between our southern and northern states, and no other event has so changed our citizenry and our government. John J. Dwyer’s The War Between the States offers over 700 action-packed pages of war-time drama that will forever change the way Americans view the Civil War.

The Little Lights Series – Includes all 14 illustrated books for young readers, or those who love being read to aloud – and at an amazing set price for hardcover volumes!

Great Composers Series: Complete set of 16 books! (Opal Wheeler)- For the first time in decades, a treasure is back in print: the complete set of all 16 Opal Wheeler volumes on The Great Composers — and now offered as a set for a terrific sale price! Each volume is an enlarged, lay-open, beautifully illustrated paperback. Each book also contains a skillful biography of the composer, which young people from 4-15 will enjoy. Illustrations are found on almost every page, and many of the compositions of the composer.


6 Gifts for Girls Who Read

gifts for girls who like to read

The Secret Bridge – An epic story like The Secret Bridge deserves a beautiful, leather-tone embossed cover. This is a story that promises to captivate the entire family. This provocative story, written later in life by our beloved Amy Le Feuvre, reveals a depth beyond that of her previous works. Readers from all walks of life will be moved by her sensitivity to the tensions of the human spirit.

The Orphan Queen– Who is this child? And who are her parents? Her demeanor suggests a royal heritage, but perhaps she is simply exercising pride and control of others. Meet Margelte, a most unusual child who mysteriously wins the hearts of those who disdain her.Her secret is the relationship she has with a powerful God who watches over the fatherless. Filled with spiritual truths, this story will keep you enamored as you vicariously experience Margelte’s suffering and her surprising reward in the end.

Circle C – A full set of all six (6) volumes of the delightful Circle C Beginnings Series, by Susan Marlow. Your young children will so enjoy meeting young Andi Carter, the key character, who is eager to grow up and experience the exciting Wild West of the late 1800s.

The Three Gifts of Christmas – From Jennie Bishop – author of The Princess and the Kiss and The Squire and the Scroll comes this much-loved Christmas story! Children and parents alike will enjoy this timeless story, revealing the truth about what the best gifts really are.

The Chosen Daughters – Six outstanding biographies which girls will deeply enjoy, while learning the stories of great women in Christian history.  Buy as a set for a reduced price!

Annie Henry Set – In the Annie Henry: Adventures in the American Revolution series, Susan Olasky gives young people an exciting look at life during America’s War of Independence. The series follows the life of Annie Henry, daughter of the famous patriot Patrick Henry. In the midst of Annie’s adventures and frustrations, her faith is growing—and Annie is learning more about her need for God as she faces the challenges of growing up.


6 Gifts for Your Wife

Gift for wife who likes to read

Jesus Himself – The thoughtful chapters of this book have been the fruit of long meditation on The Resurrection story by Sir Marcus Loane, who made it a lifetime study.  The way they recount that wondrous story comes across with a freshness and loveliness that is full of heart-warming fascination. Some of the most beautiful and heart-warming commentary we’ve ever read, through the eyes of resurrection eye-witnesses.

The Valley of Vision– This is our most popular gift-book ever – the black, deluxe bonded leather edition of the classic collection of Puritan prayers and poetry. The Banner of Truth’s most popular book since its release in 1975, now in a rare and beautiful leather edition, with gold edged pages.

A Gospel Primer– Do you know how to preach the gospel to yourself daily? God did not give us His Gospel just so we could embrace it when we were first converted. He presents it to us every day as that gift which gives us everything we need for life and godliness. This new expanded edition contains a section titled 31 Reasons to Rehearse the Gospel Daily.

In Trouble and in Joy– Author Sharon James has a gift for writing biography that inspires and compel the reader to spirituality. The four women who are the subjects of her book knew that contentment and happiness did not depend on good health, a fulfilling job, or a happy family life. Joy could even be known in the midst of great trial! Relying on many select extracts from their journal entries, poems, letters and resolutions, we can read the hand of God training these women of God to live for His glory, whatever the cost to themselves personally.

A Chance to Die: The Life and Legacy of Amy Carmichael – For girls in our highly secular age, here is a biography of one glad to leave earthly pleasures for the joy of serving God wholeheartedly. Her personal discipline and readiness to give of herself presents a stunning, noble example for today’s girls. Amy Carmichael labored 53 years in India, without “furlough,” and her work resulted in the salvation of many from debauched lifestyles in idolatrous temple worship. Here is a book that will challenge any Christian in any walk of life to deny themselves, take up their cross daily, and follow Jesus. The missionary life is, in fact, the normal Christian life for every Christian, for every Christian is an ambassador for Christ. As such, this biography will be a great help to any reader in focusing their hearts and minds on the God-given task before them (1 Peter 2:9)–whatever their walk of life.

Luther in Love -Discovering that love and marriage are complex, sacrificial, and yet intensely beautiful, Katharina von Bora, fearful of discovery, secretly pens a memoir of her forbidden marriage to a Mr. Martin Luther, with his dangerous life and turbulent legacy. This is the story of their trials, tragedies, and their joys and triumphs.


6 Gifts for your Husband

husband reading

Seal of God – Part memoir, part evangelism story, SEAL of God is a story that follows Chad’s journey through the grueling Naval Ops training and onto the streets of Fallujah, where he witnessed the horrors of war up close. Along the way, Chad shares his own radical conversion story and talks about how he draws on his own experiences as a SEAL to help others better understand the depths of Christ’s sacrifice and love.

Expository Thoughts on the Gospels Set – J. C. Ryle – Ryle’s Expository Thoughts can be used as a help in family worship, or as an aid in pastoral visitation, or simply as a companion to the Gospels in the private reading of Scripture.  Ryle’s work has long been ranked some of the most edifying commentary ever penned on the gospel books and will never fail to enrich the reader, whether a new and young disciple or a seasoned elderly saint.

Holiness Day by Day – A one-year devotional, Holiness Day by Day takes you deeper than other, shorter devotionals, stimulating stronger commitment and spiritual transformation. Each reading is carefully chosen and compiled from Jerry Bridges’ best writings.

A Theology of the Family – This book presents a perspective on the family largely forgotten by the modern church. There are 56 authors featured in this volume, among whom are: John Bunyan, Jonathan Edwards, John Gill, William Gouge, Matthew Henry, Martin Luther, A.W. Pink, J. C. Ryle, R. C. Sproul, Charles Spurgeon and Thomas Watson.

Matthew Henry Commentary – From Genesis to Revelation, Matthew Henry successfully combines practical application, devotional insight, and scholarship on the entire Bible. Henry has profound insights on the content, message and nature of God’s divine revelation. Perfect for all readers of the Bible who want a comprehensive commentary. Includes the entire text of Matthew Henry’s original multi-volume commentary in modern, easy-to-read type.

A Long Line of Godly Men Profiles (10 volumes) – From Spurgeon to Luther, certain lives throughout church history are remembered as special testaments of God’s faithfulness. Through preaching, teaching, hymnody, and their courageous choices, they illustrate what God’s grace can accomplish through a life submitted to His purposes. With Dr. Steven J. Lawson as the series editor, the Long Line of Godly Men Profile series offers readers an opportunity to learn from these exemplary lives

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