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It has recently been said by a well-known preacher, “Evangelism exists because worship doesn’t.”  Put another way, this is to say that the real call and reason for taking the gospel to all persons in order to make disciples form all nations is not for their own sake, but primarily because the gloriously worthy God is not presently being worshiped as He deserves to be. For this reason, worship is the ultimate priority, as A. W. Tozer was known to have said. But for too many, the idea brings little more to mind than public gatherings of a church, regardless of what those persons gathered actually while they meet. Merely gathering in the name of Christ is not necessarily worship, just as merely saying we want to follow Him does not make us obedient.  Just as God tells us Himself what actions constitute obedience, He likewise has the right to regulate what is worship.  The books in this section are meant to help you know how to worship God in Spirit and in truth according to His express will.

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