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The Trinity

The Trinity

For centuries, there have always been some who point out that the word Trinity does not ever occur in the Bible, and so who arrive at the mistaken assumption that this means it is not an important belief to hold.  This kind of approach to Bible reading and interpretation is short-sighted, as it really doesn’t matter that the term Trinity is not on the pages of God’s Word, because the Persons we recognize as Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are revealed with abundant clarity.  Yet it is equally clear that they share the same nature, existence, attributes and power.  The very way in which the salvation of sinners is planned, revealed, and accomplished has everything to do with the ways of a Triune God.  The books below explore the doctrine of the Trinity with a reverence that doesn’t pretend to unravel all the mystery of it, but nonetheless bows before this God of inscrutable wisdom, seeking to know and understand Him to the best of our ability.

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