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The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit

Some have called the Holy Spirit “the forgotten member of the Trinity.”  Their meaning in so saying appears to be that, while Christians talk much of Jesus Christ, and somewhat less of the Father who sent His Son into the world, many rarely acknowledge or have much to say about the Holy Spirit.  However, even more problematic than merely a lack of name recognition is, so many who do speak of the Him have quite misguided and erring views of the Spirit of God’s work in the lives of believers and in the church and world really is.  A key starting-place is to remember that Jesus clearly told us, when the Spirit comes, He will not draw attention to Himself, but to Me (Christ)!  Even His indwelling presence in the life of every believer is, by design, to draw us into a closer relationship with the God-man, our Savior the Lord Jesus.  If our thoughts of the Holy Spirit start there, they will neither be going wrong or ignoring Him. Rather, we will be valuing and esteeming His very aims.

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