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To understand the concept of apologetics, often one must get past this odd-sounding word which has developed for the idea of making a strong case for the truth and validity of the historic Christian faith.  It’s got nothing to do with apologizing – that is, acting as if we have something to regret or be sorry for.  Rather, the term apologetics came from a Greek word which had to do with being the one assigned to make a strong case in defense of views which were normally viewed as unpopular.  One might compare it to the role of a defense attorney in the position of arguing for the innocence, even the righteousness, of an accused person assumed and pre-judged as guilty.  Likewise, followers of Christ are those often despised in this world, deemed fools for a cause that makes no sense.  The better prepared we are to express sound reasons for our faith, the more equipped we are to be effective evangelists.

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