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Systematic Theology

Systematic Theology

It was B. B. Warfield who declared that systematic theology is “the culminating department of theological science,” or, as another has said, it is “the queen of sciences.”  There are many ways in which to study the teachings of Scripture, and each has its own value; each unique theological discipline attempts to present the knowledge of God revealed in Scripture, whether it’s exegetical theology, biblical theology, pastoral theology … but in Systematic Theology, we seek to discover the whole counsel of God, topic by topic, and arrange it logically in a way that we can come back to reliably.  Volumes such as those compiled by Wayne Grudem, John MacArthur, R. L. Dabney, Louis Berkhof and others are of proven value. Many of the volumes on these pages also focus on one topic of systematics rather than the entire scope.

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