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Biblical Theology

Biblical Theology

At first, it may seem redundant to talk about Biblical Theology, as of course any faithful disciple wants to draw his theology from the Bible, and be “biblical.”  But the phrase biblical theology specifically refers to an approach to Bible study which looks at the Bible as a gradually developing self-revelation of God. That is to say, a study done by this method does not take the Bible as whole or finished product, but rather carefully and separately studies each portion of Scripture, to understand the Divine activity going on in that book or era.  What did reveal about Himself to His people at that time?  And so we begin to see that, we want to know what God has said and done in history, so that later we will see more correctly how to apply it in our own times.  It was Princeton theologian Geerhardus Vos who first championed this method of study among his students in the 1800s, and it has grown increasingly popular since, as a study approach contrasted with Systematic Theology.

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