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Puritan Biographies

Puritan Biographies

To read a Puritan biography is to leap back into a world so different from ours, one can hardly comprehend it.  Yet that fact precisely is manifest in many educators of our world today, amazingly even religious ones, when they think about the Puritans – they don’t comprehend them.  Much of this is due to a lack of the passionate hunger and thirst to know and do the will of God that Puritan men and women of the 18th and 17th centuries had burning in their souls.  Pick up a biography of one of these men or women, whose name “Puritan” was first bestowed as a label intended to ridicule them.  Despite enormous and powerful opposition, they left a huge mark on the church and society, the benefits of which continue to our times. These devout believers aimed to see the Church of England purified of anything whatsoever not explicitly found in Scripture, relying on the Word of God as their only authority.

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