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Missionary Stories for Children

Missionary Stories for Children

The mind of a child can be molded to see the joy and blessing of a life sold out to Christ through early exposure to missionary stories for children.  Many of these will grip the mind and remembrance of a child for a lifetime.  In fact, when a young person in the 1800s wanted to read about adventure, the most common type of book that would be chosen was, a story about the life and labors of a gospel missionary.  Whether it was the story of William Carey, John G. Paton, or David Brainerd, the tales that most captured the imagination of American youth in that era were those about the daring and courageous men and women devoting their lives to take the gospel to the ends of the earth. These stories remain as gripping as ever today, and once a taste is formed for them, nothing else will quite be their match for a reader. The perils and dangers, the remote tribal peoples encountered, and the thrill of seeing the gospel change lives make some of the most thrilling possible reading. Here are our favorite selections of books about the work of missions and the story of world-wide missionary endeavor.

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