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The Lamplighter Rare Collector’s Series

The Lamplighter Rare Collector’s Series has become one of the foremost collection of books for families ever!  Molding character, one story at a time, they do more than provide valuable and wholesome reading. The wisdom and understanding of the Word of God which children can gain from these stories is incomparable, and will nourish their hearts towards a maturing walk with God. Full of inspiring role models, Lamplighter books are also rich with gospel motivation, showing that merely being outwardly compliant and obedient on the surface is not enough to walk with God nor grow in His ways. Vitally needed traits like perseverance, faithfulness, diligence, honesty, courage, hope, loyalty, humility—these are the qualities which every child must learn, even during times of trial.  Whether the Fireside Collection, the Epic Collection, the Fatherland Series, or the Illustrated editions, every family can benefit from these stories.

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