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Affliction & Suffering

Affliction & Suffering

The Christian has a unique perspective on the whole concept of affliction and suffering, one which comes straight from the pages of Scripture.  Men and women of the world see no benefit in suffering and generally can think of only one goal: to get it over with!  Then, hopefully, to not ever have this experience again or figure out how to avoid it.  But the one who believes in Jesus Christ knows that our God has a purpose for these events and they are neither pointless nor unprofitable to us.  They do not primarily originate with Satan, but are part of life lived under the reign of our sovereign God, and He is working His will in this world and in us individually even through unpleasant events that we would rather not have experienced.  The books in this section come to the topic with that perspective and can help us to see our afflictions with a sound spiritual mind, so that we respond in a Christlike way and not merely react.

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