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The Terrestria Chronicles & Kingdom Tales from Terrestria

The Terrestria Chronicles 

Travel back to the days of noble knights and powerful warlords, daring quests and deadly dragons, days of honor, valor, and chivalry. Take your family on a medieval adventure that will stay with them for a lifetime! Grab your sword and take a life-changing journey to the land of Terrestria, the realm of the wise and powerful King Emmanuel.  The Terrestria Chronicles allegory series was written with a three-fold purpose: to honor Jesus Christ as King, to challenge young readers to love and serve Him, and to teach them to guard their hearts for Him. The focus of the series is always on the King.  These are books in which every page points to truths of the Christian walk. Biblical doctrines and character principles are taught in such a compelling, fascinating way that they will stay with the reader for a lifetime. Each book concludes with a glossary of medieval terms and a page of little-known details of castle life. Written for ages ten and up.

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