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Books for Christian Men

Books for Christian Men

Whether you’re a Christian husband, father, or single man seeking to walk with God, our carefully chosen Christian books for men will equip you for a renewed mind and a transformed life.

The most crying social need of this generation is the raising up of strong Christian husbands and godly fathers whose walk models Christlike character that their children will want to follow. Young boys want to learn what sort of man to become. Young girls want to know what sort of man to choose for a husband, to lead their home. An exemplary, principled father who serves Christ eagerly and without compromise can exhibit this, for the benefit of all who come after him.  It’s not possible to become such a man while only focusing on the duties pertaining to your wife and children. A man has to fortify his own soul, and build up himself in the faith. We’ve seen proven results from these resources in the lives of many.

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