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Henty Books

G. A. Henty Historical Fiction

The G. A. Henty Historical Fiction novels are one of the finest collections of writings for boys a family can obtain – or for even girls who have a fascination with history!

Henty, an English author and journalist, wrote a prolific amount of children’s stories during his lifetime, exceeding 100 volumes.  During his years as a war correspondent, G. A. Henty gained the knowledge and skill to quickly write volumes that would capture the attention of readers and place their imaginations right on the frontlines. For this reason, his books gained immense popularity among youth.  Soon, despite a distinctly British flavor and bent to his writing, he was being read by young people all across Great Britain and North America, and many of his works were also translated for use in schools across Europe.

Publisher William Blackie and his Glasgow publishing house made a fortune on Henty books in the 1800s.  Estimates are that there were over 25 million copies of Henty novels worldwide by the 1920s.  Most importantly, any child with an interest in history, international conflict and life as a soldier in the midst of it, will find fascinating reading and key characters in the story worth emulating, as they try to learn the right thing to do in tough and challenging times.

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