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Bible Alive Series

The Bible Alive Series

The Bible Alive booklets are a detailed study for children of three key Bible characters: Jesus Christ (of course, the key figure of the Bible), Moses, and David.  The series is narrated by Carine Mackenzie, who has written more than 150 children’s books. The books are full of colorful illustrations on every page, making them appealing to children.

The Bible Alive series is designed for these ages:

Read to Me: ages 4-6
Read on My Own: ages 7-11

These little books bring the key people of the Bible to life for young children!

About Author Carine MacKenzie

Carine MacKenzie’s talent for retelling Bible stories has introduced children from all over the world the opportunity to discover Jesus Christ for themselves. Carine lives in the beautiful highlands of Inverness, Scotland.

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