About Grace & Truth Books

Who are Grace & Truth Books? We are the family business of Dennis & Naomi Gundersen, a venture that began in 1993, with our four sons then at home (now all grown adults). Our sons have all had a role in the company: Ben designed book covers; David worked in shipping and receiving; Mike designed our first website and traveled to numerous homeschool conventions with us; and Greg’s artistic design talents were employed for interior artwork in our books.

Grace & Truth Books has made it our goal to be the one Christian bookshop where you can count on always finding solid, biblical content – every time, every book. We aim at the formation of strong Christian character that makes eager disciples and worshipers of God.  For over 30 years, we’ve published some of the finest character-building stories that have ever been in print, to prepare every member of your family to walk with God.  Our Bible study and historical sections are likewise designed to equip you to be strong in His Word.

Many of the 100+ books we publish are rare collections from the 1800s of stories for children, with strong character-building themes. Others are by living authors committed to the same God-glorifying focus of strengthening a reader’s walk with God. Many of these treasures have been out of print for decades, and our readers in both the United States and 30 other nations have been delighted to enjoy them with their families.

Our company name comes directly from a phrase in The Gospel of John, chapter 1, verse 17: “grace and truth were realized through Jesus Christ.”  To us, it seemed “Grace & Truth” would be a marvelous name for our ministry!