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Heaven Grace and Truth Books
  • ISBN: 978-084237-9427
  • Binding: Hardcover with jacket
  • Page Count: 516
  • Publisher: Tyndale House

Heaven (Randy Alcorn)

$24.99 $19.50

In what is probably the most comprehensive and definitive work on heaven, written to date, the author invites us to a study of a most pleasing subject: what is heaven like? God has put aspirations for eternity in our hearts. Alcorn brings eternity to light in ways that will surprise you, spark your imagination, and change how you live today. If you always thought of heaven as a realm of disembodied spirits, clouds, and eternal strumming of harps, you’re in for a surprise.

This is a book about real people with real bodies enjoying close relationship with God and others, eating, drinking, working, playing, traveling, worshiping, and discovering a New Earth, made as God created it, and without us corrupting it.

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What awaits us in the new heavens … and the new earth?

“Other than the Bible itself, Heaven may be the single most life-changing book you’ll ever read.” — Stu Weber, author of Spirit Warriors: Strategies for the Battles Christian Men and Women Face Every Day

According to Alcorn, the subject of heaven rates as one of the least accurately discussed subjects among all Bible topics. Even pastors and seminarians fail to give appropriate time and attention to heaven as described throughout the Bible because other themes take pre-eminence both chronologically and preferentially. Alcorn has also noticed that most Christians who do take time to consider heaven often possess faulty, nonbiblical assumptions, one of the most common being the misconception of heaven as a place of unending church services.

From Eternal Perspectives Ministries

The author, who is also the founder of the nonprofit organization Eternal Perspective Ministries (EPM), has spent years studying what the Bible says about heaven, and in this compelling and comprehensive resource, he offers every conceivable question about it, or the “New Earth,” as a Christian believer’s ultimate destination. Alcorn answers the expected queries on heavenly life as well as quirkier ones:

* Will there be home ownership there?
* Are our pets going to be there with us?
* Will Christians eat and drink there as we do here?

We all have our own questions about what heaven will be like. Randy Alcorn helps answer some of these questions by sharing his extensive research on the topic–all from a biblical perspective. His writing will surprise readers and stretch their thinking beyond anything they’ve imagined heaven to be like. And it will help readers strive for eternity while they’re living on earth.

About Author Randy Alcorn

Before starting EPM in 1990, Randy served as a pastor for fourteen years. He has a Bachelor of Theology and Master of Arts in Biblical Studies from Multnomah University and an Honorary Doctorate from Western Seminary in Portland, Oregon. He has taught on the adjunct faculties of both.

A New York Times bestselling author, Randy has written over 50 books, including Happiness, Heaven, The Treasure Principle, and the Gold Medallion winner Safely Home. His books have been translated into over seventy languages and have sold over ten million copies. Randy has written for many magazines including EPM’s issues-oriented magazine Eternal Perspectives. He has been a guest on more than 700 radio, television and online programs. Some of those include Focus on the Family, FamilyLife Today, Revive Our Hearts, and The Bible Answer Man.

Randy resides in Gresham, Oregon, with his wife, Nanci. They have two married daughters and are the proud grandparents of five grandsons. Randy enjoys hanging out with his family, biking, underwater photography, research, and reading.