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Building on the Rock Grace and Truth Books
  • ISBN: 9781-85792-8150x
  • Binding: 5-volume Paperback Set
  • Page Count: 800 total
  • Publisher: Christian Focus Publications

Building on the Rock Devotional Series (5 volumes)

$44.99 $34.95

Full set of all 5 devotional books in the Building on the Rock series. Each contains a true story from history which is used to illustrate truths of Scripture. For children 8-12 to read, and makes great read-alouds for ages 4-7.

Includes these 5 paperback books:

~ How God Sent a Dog to Save A Family
~ How God Stopped the Pirates
~ How God Used a Drought and an Umbrella
~ How God Used a Thunderstorm
~ How God Used a Snowdrift

Scriptural references are taken from the King James Version of the Bible and the questions are based on this. Each story contains recommended scripture reading, prayer points and questions for reflection and application.



Building on the Rock Series

Details on each Volume

(Vol 1) How God Used a Thunderstorm (and Other Devotional Stories):

The mountains are dark and looming as the lightening splits across the sky. The forest offers shelter and in the distance the traveler spots a lamp. Rushing towards the door, he doesn’t realize that someone has planned this journey. There is a woman in the house who needs to hear about her loving Savior, Jesus Christ. God has sent the traveler to tell her about Himself. There are lots of stories in this book. Read about the thunderstorm, hidden treasure, and a Bible in a suitcase as well as many other stories about how we should live for God and read his word.

(Vol 2) How God Stopped the Pirates (and Other Devotional Stories): 

The themes of the second book in this series are Missionary tales, remarkable conversions, being faithful witnesses, childhood faith, and dramatic deliverances. Both real-life incidents and fictional narratives are developed into, with a good mixture of historical adventure, childhood experiences, remarkable instances of conversion and edge-of-your-seat rescues from danger.

(Vol 3) How God Used a Snowdrift (and Other Devotional Stories):

A hostile army is rapidly approaching the little Baltic village. Karl and his mother are in fear of their lives. Karl barricades the door to the cottage but his mother reads the Bible. In the end God uses a snowdrift to protect them from the enemy. So how does He do that? Find out by reading the rest of the story and there are lots of other stories in this book too. Read about the snowdrift, a little slave girl and a fierce Lion. You will also read many other dramatic rescue stories as well as about how to honor God.

(Vol 4) How God Used a Drought and an Umbrella (and Other Devotional Stories)

It was the longest drought that anyone in the county had ever seen. Everyone was praying for rain. The fields were dry, the animals were thirsty and everyone was really hot. But only one little girl really believed that God would answer and she taught her minister a lesson. Find out how she did this by reading the rest of the story and others in this book. Read about the drought, the poor man who was made rich and the shepherd boy who lost his sheep. You will also read about people and lots of children who faithfully stood up for Jesus.

(Vol 5) How God Sent a Dog to Save A Family (and Other Devotional Stories):

Emma and Alex have had nothing to eat all day and there is no food in the kitchen or the store cupboard. Their mother has no money to buy food and all that she can do is pray that somehow, someone will send them something to eat. But in the morning something is scratching at the door and the children go out to investigate. Find out who or what it is and discover how God has answered the families’ prayers. Read other stories too about flying bread, Martha’s Raven and the Stolen Sleigh. You will find out about how God cares for us and about how Children can believe in him. 

About the Authors

Joel R. Beeke (Ph.D. Westminster Theological Seminary) is president and professor of systematic theology and homiletics at Puritan Reformed Theological Seminary, pastor of the Heritage Netherlands Reformed Congregation in Grand Rapids, Michigan, editor of The Banner of Sovereign Grace Truth, and author of numerous books.

Diana Kleyn is a member of the Heritage Netherlands Reformed Congregation in Grand Rapids, Michigan. She is the mother of three children, and has a heart for helping children understand and embrace the truths of God’s Word. She writes monthly for the children’s section in The Banner of Sovereign Grace Truth magazine, and is co-author with Joel R. Beeke of the series Building on the Rock.

“There are introductions to the world of the imagination in which everything seems new, painted with bright, delicious, and painful colors. No enjoyment can compare to they craving for a story being satisfied. When such tales are joined to eternal truths and winsome lessons, never to be forgotten, what family delights are displayed.”
— Geoff Thomas, Pastor, Alfred Place Baptist Church, Aberystwyth, Wales