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A Girl's Guide to Home Skills

by Martha Greene, with Jan Drexler and Rebekah Wilson
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This book will take you through the areas of a home, offering checklists, scheduling charts, and detailed instructional home lessons to teach your daughter the necessary skills for housekeeping and making a home-sweet-home.

Contains the following color-coded sections:
* Sparkling Clean Bathrooms
* Kozy & Inviting Kitchens
* Lovely Living Rooms
* Provident Pantries
* Genuine Hospitality
* Comfortable & Tidy Bedrooms
* Organized Closets
* Tidy Yards & Porches

Each of the sections are divided into instructions for Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Seasonal Cleaning.

A few of the practical skills learned within the pages of this resource include how to: make cleaning solutions, plan a menu, make an accent pillow cover, prepare an emergency kit, acquire the virtue of hospitality, beautify the bedroom, and organize any closet in the house.

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A Girl's Guide to Home Skills

Binding: Spiral bound book
Page Count: 172
Publisher: The Homemaker's Mentor
ISBN: 294-04956